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Website analysis tools : advanced web analytics


Google Analytics Alternative : advanced web analytics tools

Website analysis tools (Clicktale vs Mouseflow...) provide a lot of statistics and advanced data about the visitors of a website. They also provide visual heatmaps to help webmasters to optimize and improve their website, landing pages and increase conversion rates.

These web analytics software provide deep analysis of visitor behavior, with the possibility to playback the browser session and mouse movements.

DescriptionMouseflow offers mouse tracking, session playback, heatmap analysis, funnels and form analytics. Whether you have a website, a webshop or a web application, Mouseflow's mission is to give you the best and fastest way of making real user studies and increasing your conversion rates.ClickTale tracks every mouse move, click and scroll, creating playable videos of customers’ entire browsing sessions as well as powerful visual heatmaps and behavioral reports that perfectly complement traditional web analytics.
  • Free Plan : 100 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 15€ Plan : 1,000 recorded sessions/month and 1 website
  • 59€ Plan : 10,000 recorded sessions/month and 3 websites
  • 119€ Plan : 25,000 recorded sessions/month and 5 websites
  • 299€ Plan : 100,000 recorded sessions/month and 10 websites
  • Free Plan : 400 pageviews recorded/month and 1 website
  • Bronze Plan (99€/mo) : 20,000 pageviews recorded/month and 3 websites
  • Silver Plan (290€/mo) : 80,000 pageviews recorded/month and 5 websites
  • Gold Plan (990€/mo) : 300,000 pageviews recorded/month and 10 websites
Change pricing plan at any timeOuiOui
Playback visitor sessionsOui Watch how your visitors are using your website - seconds after they visited, See all mouse movements, clicks, scroll events, key strokes and form interactionOui Watch movies of your visitor’s entire browsing sessions including every mouse move and every click.
Page analysisOui Find out how much time the users have actually spent on your page and how much of that time was spent interacting with the page; Check the real bounce rate of your page (how many users that bounced after very few seconds)Oui Discover your most problematic pages - Least Engaging, Most Errored, Most Clicked, Least Scrolled, and Slowest Loading.
Click heatmapsOui Get a visual overview of the clicks received by your pages; Compare heatmaps from different periods to measure the effects of changes made to the website; See if non-links are clicked and consider turning them into linksOui See exactly where visitors click, even when they click on non-clickable page elements.
Movement heatmapsOui see heatmaps of your users' mouse movements; Compare heatmaps from different periods to measure the effects of changes made to the website; See if certain regions get too little (or too much) attentionOui
Link analyticsOui analyze each link on your pages with nine analysis figures (clicks, hovers (roll-overs), hover-to-click rate...).Oui Understand all visitor interactions with your links, fields and buttons.
Supports session-dependent pagesOui It supports precise playback and analysis of the mentioned page types (you get an accurate playback of all pages, and you can follow your users through checkout processes, through logins and postbacks without losing track of the visitor)Non
HTTPSOui Mouseflow offers fulls HTTPS support - no workarounds needed.Oui
Download recordingsOui Heatmaps can be downloaded by using a browser plugin.Oui Download recordings to your local machine.
Live streamOui Watch near-realtime videos of the users that are online on your website.Oui real-time monitor
Real-Time MonitorOui Mouseflow's Live stream, lets you watch near-realtime videos of the users that are online on your website. So sit back in your control room and watch as your visitors enter your site, interact with your pages, and leave the site again.Oui See where visitors are coming from and watch exactly what they are doing in Real-Time.
Multiple account usersOui create and manage additional user logins to your Mouseflow account. Each user has access to one or more of your website profiles with full or read-only access rights.- Additional logins added upon request. Can have a primary login with additional logins that can full access or limited access to specific projects (e.g Agnecies needing logins for client use on specific projects)
APIOui Extract recording data, page analysis data and statistics through our API.Oui
Custom Email AlertsNonOui Create custom email alerts based on over a dozen criteria (i.e: get notified when visitors fail to complete a purchase or are referred by a specific marketing campaign)
Advanced FilteringOui Advanced, live filtering of all data, including recordings, heatmaps, funnel data and form analytics.Oui Use more than a dozen criteria to find the most interesting visitors (i.e: find visitors who fail to complete a purchase, leave your landing page, or who are referred by a specific marketing campaign...)
Conversion FunnelsOui Mouseflow's Funnel Analytics is the perfect tool if you want to know more about how your visitors navigate on your site. Using this feature, you can see where your visitors stop, hesitate, and convert.Oui Optimize your site's conversion rates by visualizing where customers convert and where they leave the conversion process.
Attention HeatmapsOui Mouseflow shows where visitors are most engaged and least engaged. It helps you discover how people click, move the mouse, or interact with different parts of a page. In other words, it shows what type of content visitors find interesting.Oui See where visitors pay attention as they scroll down your page.
Viewport mapsOui See how far down the users have scrolled on your pages Get a visual overview on how much time the users have spent on different parts of your pageOui Mouse move and mouse click heatmaps show where the user is looking and clicking, respectively
Scroll Reach HeatmapsOui Mouseflow shows you how far down a page, on average, visitors scroll. This lets you see what is seen and what isn’t seen. You can uncover whether certain content is missed alltogether.Oui See the fraction of visitors who abandon your page as they scroll down.
Form AnalyticsOui Mouseflow tracks the time spent, relative time spent, interactions, drop­offs/abandonment, and completions for each form field.Oui Optimize your online forms to maximize conversion and usability.
Event-based filteringOui Mouseflow lets you sort/filter your data in real-time glimpse — no need to wait for reports. You can also jump back in time to compare how visitors behave – past and present.Oui Use our API to tag and discover website events and visitor behaviors.
Email Campaign TrackingOuiOui Watch visitors that are referred to your website by links in your outgoing emails.
Priority SupportOui Support for all users via email, phone, chat. Offers extensive knowledgebase with documentation, best practices and examples.Oui On Premium Plans (Silver+) Get priority telephone support for any possible issue - from installation to ongoing use.
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  • Steve S. le 27 mai 2013 18:01:05
    a commenté Mouseflow

    I use a combination of MouseFlow and WebMeUp (search engine optimization software) to manage my e-commerce site, and it works like a charm. MouseFlow is great for valuable insight into what people like or don't like on your site. Without real data and stats you can't tell.