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2013-01-10 14:05:53
Compare VIP Membership vs Normal Membership
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Avatar Size400kb 200x200200kb 150x150px
Upload Allowance10.84mb5.8mb
Message Storage Allowance200100
Google Ads VisibleNot VisibleVisible in header and after first posts
Max Stored Notifications5030
Free Classified AdsOuiNon
Ability To Change & Edit ProfileOuiNon
Display Name ChangesOuiNon
Attachments In PM'sOuiNon
Images In SignaturesOuiNon
Access to secret VIP only forumsOuiNon
Supplier DiscountsOuiNon
Stock Images & File DownloadsOuiNon
Website Hosting£2.50 a month for VIP members!£4.99 a month for non VIP members
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