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Youtube VS Vimeo API


Compare Youtube API vs Vimeo API

Youtube APIVimeo API
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OAuth 1.0Non Deprecated,
OAuth 2.0Oui-
Video feeds
Example of a video
Video search feedsOui + ?queryParametersOui,
Standard Google Data API
Standard video feedsOui,
parametermost_discussed: top_rated: top_favorites: most_viewed: most_shared: most_popular: most_recent: most_responded: recently_featured: on_the_web:, page, per_page, summary_response, full_response, query, sort. Method to sort by: relevant, newest, oldest, most_played, most_commented, or most_liked.
timeThis parameter is supported for the following feeds and charts: Standard video feeds (top_rated, top_favorites, most_viewed, most_popular, most_discussed, most_responded) Standard channel feeds (most_subscribed – This feed only supports the parameter values this_week, this_month, and all_time; most_viewed) Live event charts ( experimental feature) (upcoming – This feed only supports the parameter values today and this_week) Ex:
regionIDEx Spain ES:
feedID_category_nameURL for feed of top-rated entertainment videos in France:
Favorite videosOui + authentication token or vimeo.videos.getLikes: Get a list of videos that the user likes.
getLikersNon You can get the numLikes. <yt:rating numDislikes='28' numLikes='141'/>Oui vimeo.videos.getLikers, Get a list of the users that have liked a video.
User uploadsOui + authentication token or vimeo.videos.getUploaded, Get a list of videos uploaded by a user.
Playlist feedOui Ex: vimeo.albums.getVideos, Get a list of the videos in an album.
Watch later feedOui if in, gd:feedLink rel=''Oui vimeo.albums.getWatchLater, Get the list of videos in a user's Watch Later album.
Watch historyOui + authentication token OR ? vimeo.activity.userDid, Get a list of things that a user did.
Video recommendationsOui or
Related videosOui <link rel="" type="application/atom+xml" href=""/>- vimeo.videos.getByTag, Get a list of videos that have the specified tag.
Video responsesOui <link rel='' type='application/atom+xml' href=''/>Non
New subscription videosOui + authentication token OR vimeo.videos.getSubscriptions Get a list of the subscribed videos for a user.
Channel feeds
Channel search feedsOui vimeo.channels.getAll, Get a list of all public channels.
API query parameters for channel searchalt, q, max-results, start-index, strict, v Ex:, page, sort
Standard channel feedsOui URL: vimeo.channels.getAll, Get a list of all public channels.
parametermost_viewed: most_subscribed: = newest, oldest, alphabetical, most_videos, most_subscribed, or most_recently_updated.
timeSupported values of the time parameter for the most_subscribed feed are: this_week, this_month, and all_time. Ex:
regionIDEx Spain ES:
User typesValid user types that can be appended to the feed URL are Comedians, Directors, Gurus, Musicians, Non-profit, Partners, Politicians, Reporters, and Sponsors.
Playlists feeds
Playlist search feedsOui
API query parameters for playlist searchalt, q, max-results, start-index, strict, v Ex:
User playlists feedOui + authentication token OR vimeo.albums.getAll, Get a list of a user's albums.
Event feeds
Live event chartsOui This feed lists promoted live events that are currently happening or will soon take place. This feed lists live events that are currently active. This feed lists events that will take place within the time frame specified for the time parameter. Valid parameter values are today (one day), this_week (seven days), this_month (one month), and all_time, and all_time is the default value. This feed lists events that recently ended.
User events feedOui + Authentication token OR
Comment feeds
Comment feedsOui vimeo.videos.comments.getList, Get a list of the comments on a video.
Subscription and activity feeds
User subscription feedOui + Authentication token OR vimeo.people.getSubscriptions, Get a list of the things a user is subscribed to.
User activity feedsOui + Authenticated token OR vimeo.activity.happenedToUser:Get a list of activity on a user. vimeo.activity.userDid :Get a list of things that a user did.
Inbox and contact feeds
User inbox feedOui + Authentication tokenNon
User contacts feedOui + Authentication tokenOui vimeo.contacts.getAll, Get a list of all contacts.
User profile entry
User profile entryOui + Authentication token OR vimeo.people.getInfo, Get information about a user.
Rate limiting
Rate limitingThe YouTube Data API supports batch processing, enabling you to execute up to 50 operations with a single API request rather than submit a separate request for each individual operation.Authenticated calls are limited to 1500 requests per user per 5 minutes. Unauthenticated calls are limited to 7500 requests per day.
keyDeveloper key: key:
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Compare Youtube API vs Vimeo API
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