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  • johdrid a commenté Logiciels pour réunion et prise de contrôle à distance, web conference via Internet
    le 2020-08-28 11:39:01
    I think the zoom app will be the best and pretty amazing to connect people for meetings bing it a big or small can make more effective video calls anywhere in the world with reliable fast and easy
  • johdrid a commenté Youtube VS Vimeo API
    le 2020-03-02 16:33:48
    Vimeo is best known as a video content distributor akin to YouTube (just without all the ads). But the purchase of Livestream saw Vimeo move into the live streaming space – through that new acquisition as well as its flagship platform. High-quality output and an abundance of features make Vimeo’s live event platform a perfect candidate for enterprise streaming. check my post on 2020 movies AND 2020 SERIES