ethanol 96

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ethanol 96
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infomationWhat is food alcohol? - Other names of food alcohol are Ethanol alcohol, Ethanol alcohol, ... The main ingredient of the product is Ethanol, which is produced in the process of wine production following the steps from material selection, gelatinization - chemical axis, fermentation and ultimately reject containment and dehydration / dehydration to obtain a completely pure alcohol free from impurities. - The chemical formula is C2H5OH. Alcohol alcohol is a transparent liquid that dissolves infinitely in water, easily ignited. When it burns, the flame possesses a blue color and does not possess any smoke. Food alcohol, also known as ethyl alcohol, should possess the aroma of alcohol and the spicy taste. Which types of ethanol are sold on the market share? - Alcohol on the market share owns the entire line to meet the needs of users. That is 60 degrees alcohol, 70 degrees alcohol, 90 degrees alcohol, ... but the most widely used and popular is 70 degrees and 90 degrees ethanol manipulation of food alcohol in life - For human health: Food alcohol is used as an antiseptic to help remove pathogenic bacteria when using 70 degree alcohol and 90 degree alcohol will help clean skin wounds without causing infection. - For industry: Ethanol alcohol can cause solvents to dissolve other substances, has high disinfectant properties on food alcohol, can preserve food, marinate food. - For beauty: Alcohol helps to clean the skin, a lotion preservative, the ingredients in the lotion will not be separated by the ethanol alcohol, in addition, when you pull the hair with glue, it will help glue to linger. into the hair. The answer to the question: ‘Can food alcohol possess antiseptic? Food alcohol with antiseptic okay. According to experts in the medical field, it has been confirmed that food alcohol can disinfect the bacteria on the hands of people as well as consumer goods are still widely used in medical infrastructure. In addition, the use of suitable alcohol options is very necessary because food alcohol in addition to antiseptic can also cause harm and threaten human health.
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