Hosted Authoritative DNS Providers
Site web
Offers Anycast NetworkOui 12 datacenters across the globe
Server Locations12
DNS DynamiqueOui Dynamic DNS updates can be performed using the popular ddclient (dyndns2 protocol) or via free REST APIs
Free Plan?Oui 1 authoritative zone (max 20 records) and 1 dynamic load-balanced FQDN (geohost)
Max RRs?Free usage: 20, Pro users: unrestricted
Queries IncludedNo limitations on the number of queries
Query Overage
Additional Features6 dynamic load balancing algorithms (round robin, any available, priority, weighted, proximity, georouting). Geographical balancing includes proximity balancing and geo-routing. Full authoritative DNS and Dynamic DNS supported. Supported healthcheck: ICMP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, POP3s, IMAP, IMAPs, SMTP, SSH, OpenVPN, “Always up” and Passive. Supported alerting through e-mail, SMS and
Minimum TTL15 seconds
Price for 1 domain0.1 Euros/month
Price for 10 domains1 Euro/month
Price for 25 domains3 Euro/month
Price for 100 domains10 Euro/month
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