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2011-08-25 16:34:22
The MetaCurrency Project is building the tools and technology platforms to open source the next economy. We will not have an equitable nor a healthy economy in an information age, until we have information technology which empowers us equitably -- that is decentralized, peer-to-peer and operates by mutual agreement. We are building those technology tools, protocols and platforms. To fully meet our criteria, people need to be able to transact directly with each other with no segment of that interaction relying on a centrally controlled system.
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Site web
J'aime 7
Avancement du projetUnder Active development. There are past and current iterations of approach available on github at
Topologie Pair à pair (peer-to-peer)Oui
Autorité unique centraleNon
Utilise de la cryptographieOui For identity management and addressing
APIOui CEPTR Protocols
LanguesEnglish, French, Spanish
Date de création2008
FondateursArthur Brock, Eric Harris-Braun
OrigineUSA, France, Mexico
HistoriqueOne central issue we are trying to solve: Let me digitally transact with you without requiring any centralized 3rd party authority. Examples of centrally controlled hurdles to clear: national currencies, IP Addresses, Domain Names, ISPs, etc. This means not only building alt.currencies, but eventually alternative network / computing infrastructure as well.
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    I like "Metacurrency's emphasis on equitability. This seems to bode well for the Worker Class.
    English Posté 2016-07-15 06:44:00 par Dan 1
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    Posté 2014-02-19 01:11:22 par Kevin O'Brien
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    all conditions are there
    English Posté 2013-04-04 11:22:24 par Desperado
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    Posté 2012-05-26 03:21:53 par irene
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    Posté 2012-05-25 18:41:57 par Ferananda
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    Metacurrency is a game changer. I think we'll see many cascading changes from the use of its tools.
    English Posté 2011-08-25 16:40:13 par artbrock
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    Posté 2011-06-21 18:47:35 par zippy314

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