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2021-04-14 03:12:38
ProProfs Quiz Maker is a cloud-based learning management system, which can be used to create online quizzes, online tests and assessment. This platform is specifically designed to help businesses and institutions to create online tests to train and assess learner’s knowledge anytime and anywhere. It is considered as one of the reliable and smartest software for creating a variety of quizzes including fun quizzes, personality quizzes, exams quizzes, etc. The ultimate goal of this software is to develop comprehensive learning environments.
ProProfs Quiz Maker
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Site web
Réseaux sociaux
YouTube Channel
Capture d'écran
price plan
Create online quizzes easily
Create surveys/polls/assessments
Custom branding / Whitelabeling
Get quiz completion certificates
Add images, audios, and videos
Automated grading
No software download or installation required
No HTML skills needed
The cost-effective and flexible pricing model
Compatible with all devices- smartphones, tablets or Pcs
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