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2011-03-01 19:36:05
The comparison of Anti-Spyware Software
Spy Sweeper
Site webhttp://www.webroot.com/En_US/consumer-products-spysweeper.html
Prix29.95 USD
Ease of Use (Configuring Settings)Oui
Least Manual InterventionNon
Good Looking InterfaceOui
Complete Help with SetupOui
Shows Scan ProgressOui
Easy Export of Spyware Detection ReportOui
Independent Section ScanOui
Ignore ListNon
Restore Quarantined ItemsOui
Scan single folderOui
Uninstall OptionOui
Context Menu Scan OptionNon
Create System Restore Point before CleaningNon
On-Execution Driver
Compatible with Other Running AntiSpyware ApplicationOui
Section Details while scanningNon
Restore Removed ItemsNon
Total Detections (Deep Scan)354
Total Detections (Quick Scan)86
Scan Time (Deep Scan)17 :10 Mins
Scan Time (Quick Scan)12:25 Mins
CPU Consumption - Running State38 %
CPU Consumption - Scan63 %
CPU Consumption - Update2 %
Memory consumption - Running State15 MB
Memory consumption - Scan47 MB
Memory consumption - Update23 MB
Database update time3 :00 Mins
BHO Risk ProtectionOui
AppInit DLL Risk ProtectionNon
Winlogon Shell Risk ProtectionNon
Host File Risk ProtectionOui
IE Trusted Sites Risk ProtectionOui
IE Home Page Risk ProtectionOui
Running Process Risk ProtectionOui
Startup Risk ProtectionNon
Startup Registry Risk ProtectionNon
Tracking CookieOui
KeyLogger Risk ProtectionOui
Process Guard - Detect hidden processesOui
Detection on basis of category (Cookies/Memory Process/ Registries/Files)Non
Alerts for Unknown ProgramsOui
Block Programs/ Registry RestrictionsNon
Check .INI infectionsNon
Take desired action on Startup (Monitor in Background / Run Scan)Oui
Previous Scan Statistics
All Drives Scan
Individual Section Details (Individually for Cookies/Memory Processes/Registries/Files)
Group Individual spyware Infections togetherNon
Restore Removed Spyware ItemsNon
Skip File Types (like .dll files from detection)Oui
Threat Level in Scan ResultNon
Monoitor IE FavoritesOui
Block Internet CommunicationNon
Check ActiveX ComponentsOui
System ExplorerNon
Running Processes ListingNon
Alternate Data Streams ExecutionOui
Scan Email AttachmentOui
Running Dll's and Drivers ListingNon
Spyware Results Assocated to an Online LibraryNon
  • 2011-03-01 19:36:04
    2011-03-01 19:36:05
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