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2016-11-05 14:13:45
Varonis DatAnywhere
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RemarquesEnterprise File System Synchronization (Private Cloud)
Offre gratuiteOui Up to 5 users(unlimited data)
Stockage disponibleUnlimited
Prix de base
Cost 1
Cost 2
Cost 3
Reward per referral
Unlimited file size uploadsOui
File versioningOui with deduplication
Full-featured desktop appOui
Sync in place (autosync)Oui
Smart Filters (exclusions)Oui
Recherche Full-textOui Only Users, Groups, Contacts
Unlimited DirectSync (devices)Oui
Partage privéOui read, write, view, read only, write only, view only. Sub folders
Partage public (accès lecture seul)Oui Same as private but without authentication
Delta SyncOui Upload and Download
File LockingOui
File status icon overlaysOui
Conflict ManagementOui
Fichiers aussi stocké localementOui Yes, with option to "stub files"
LAN SyncNon
Outlook/Mail integration (link)Oui
Securité / Chiffrement
Legislation or Applicable law / Server locationSync Services located near customer storage(in LAN), while Client's end-point(Edge) services located anywhere(Cloud/DMZ/LAN)
Access ControlsOui Uses existing NTFS permissions + Active Directory Users/Groups + NTLM,Kerberos
Encryption- Uses existing storage and data
Clé de chiffrement utilisateurOui Support OpenTrust
Encryption de bout en boutOui TLS
Encryption (Transport)Oui TLS
Mac OSOui
Linux- Only as SMB storage
iOS mobile app (+upload?)Oui
Android mobile appOui
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