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2019-01-17 11:32:41
Compare New-U - Evolution Mini-7 With 4' Flex contre Messenger Mini + contre New-U - New York Fahgettaboudit Mini contre New York Lock Standard contre GRANIT™ Plus 470
Evolution Mini-5New-U - Evolution Mini-5Evolution LITE Mini-6New-U - Evolution LITE Mini-6Messenger Mini +New-U - New York Fahgettaboudit MiniNew-U - Messenger Mini+Messenger MiniThe Total PackageNew-U - KryptoLok Mini-7New-U - Evolution Mini-7 With 4' FlexNew York Lock StandardEvolution series 4 StandardNew-U - Evolution StandardU-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540/160HB230Evolution Mini-9New-U - Evolution Mini-9New York Lock LSNew-U - Evolution LSEvolution Series 4 LSU-Lock GRANIT XPlus™ 540/160HB300GRANIT™ Plus 470/150HB300
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Product details
Security rating7/107/107/107/107/1010/107/107/107/106/107/109/108/108/1015/157/107/109/108/108/1015/1512/15
Height140 mm140 mm152 mm152 mm153 mm153 mm165 mm165 mm165 mm178 mm178 mm203 mm229 mm229 mm230 mm241 mm241 mm260 mm292 mm292 mm300 mm300 mm
Width83 mm83 mm70 mm70 mm83 mm83 mm95 mm95 mm95 mm82 m83 mm102 mm102 mm102 mm108 mm83 mm83 mm102 mm102 mm102 mm108 mm109 mm
Diameter13 mm13 mm11 mm11 mm11 mm18 mm11 mm11 mm11 mm12.7 mm13 mm16 mm14 mm14 mm13 mm13 mm13 mm16 mm13 mm14 mm13 mm12 mm
Weight1.2 kg1.2 kg0.74 kg0.73 kg1.14 kg2.06 kg1.18 kg0.83 kg0.91 kg1.13 kg1.61 kg2.02 kg1.7 kg1.59 kg1.45 kg1.43 kg1.43 kg2.06 kg1.75 kg1.86 kg1.77 kg1.3 kg
Nombre de clés333323222233332333332
Key Safe ProgramYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Price55 EUR60 EUR60 EUR106 EUR50 EUR86 EUR65 EUR90 EUR53 EUR63.48 EUR90.08 EUR65.5 EUR56.3 EUR73.56 EUR49.78 EUR
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    2019-01-17 11:32:41
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  • Compare New-U - Evolution Mini-7 With 4' Flex contre Messenger Mini + contre New-U - New York Fahgettaboudit Mini contre New York Lock Standard contre GRANIT™ Plus 470
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