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2016-05-10 18:49:30
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A listing in the relevant resource category(ies) of our Help & Advice area:
Option to support a local charity by paying the SCC contribution
Promotion of the partnership through social media channels i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
Increase your staff engagements with our mentoring and skill sharing programme
Opportunities to run talks with our members
Option to add agreed resources for our charity members
Elevated positioning within your entry’s category
Options around website and bulletin advertising and sponsorship
Other partnership opportunities e.g. putting on events
Discounted advertising space at our workshops
Active promotion to relevant enquiries we receive through our helpline eg people looking to save money on costs
Dedicated email marketing through SCC to entire membership (7500+ members) promoting the partnership
A “member promo” icon beneath your entry in your category(ies) that links to your dedicated promo page
Dedicated promo page on our website (e.g.


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