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SourcesTwitter, Facebook, Blogs, Liens, Vidéos, RSSLinks, email, Google ReaderLinks, TwitterLinks, images, videos, files, RSSRSS, OPML AtomMedia from YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitter, Slideshare, Scribd Wikipedia; Audioboo, text, images, linksTwitterRSS, OPML, persistent search, bookmarkletImages, vidéos, textes,pages webImages, vidéosWebsites, blogsRSS; Twitter; Google+; any site across the Internet that offers text, video or imagesLinks, quotesTwitterRSS / OPML, Twitter, Google Alerts, YouTube, Flickr + content via bookmarkletFacebook,Twitter,Youtube,Linkedin/Slideshare,instagram,etc.tous types de liens (articles, blogs, site, youtube...)Twitter, Web, Video, RSS, OPML, HTML, Blogroll, Google Reader SearchNewspapers, magazines, TV and radio transcripts, photos, newsLinks, emailcollecte par analyse de liens publiés sur Twitter, avec 5 comptes de références crédibles pour assurer un filtrage pertinent.Text, links, images, videos, embed, Wired, Pictory, InstagramAmazon, Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, RSSTwitter, Facebook likesRSS, sites, emails, documents, contacts, images, files, videos, eventsNews sites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, linksTexts, links, images, videos, audio, Twitter, email, referencesFacebook, Twitter, RSSLinkedIn newsLinks, text, images, videos audio, uploaded documentsText, links, images, videos, RSS, TWYouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, 5Min, Grab Networks, IVA - Movies and TV, IVA - Music,, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Hulu, ClipSyndicate, Howcast, MTV, Redlasso, eHow, FoxNews, MSNBCTwitterFacebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Foursquare, Tripit, Vimeo, Youtube,, MySpace, Instagram, RSS, APITout type de liens, contenu provenant du web. Vidéos, Images, Articles... Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Dailymotion, WikipediaRSS, Twitter, Bing News/Images, YouTubeRSS, OPML, Google Alerts, Twitter search, Google News SearchRSS, OPMLImages, textesLinks, blogs, videos, Images, Text, WebRSS, TwitterLiens, Twitter, ImagesImages, vidéosProduits marchands (image, prix, devise, nom)LinksA pre-indexed library of over 300,000 of the best online sources providing articles, news, blog posts, videos, Twitter updates, and imagesLinks, oEmbedlinks, video, imagesVideos, links, imageslinks, blogs, magazines, videos, slideshareFils RSS/Atom (dont import OPML), Twitter (compte, recherche, liste), Page Facebook, SlideShare (requêtes), YouTube, Flickr (abonnés et requêtes), 500px (abonné)Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Wikipedia, Getty Images, Reuters Pictures, Flickr, VK, flux RSS et toute source tierce avec un code iframe (Vimeo, Soundcloud, …). poursuivre l'expansionImages JPEG / PNG / GIF, Vidéos Youtube et Vimeo, Liens avec analyse automatique des images et du titre de la pageVideo, Facebook, YouTube, Twitterwebsites, links, videos, products, imagesRSS Feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Websites, Google Reader, Google Alerts, Word documents, Blogsthe web, articles, videos, imagesThe web, RSS (imports OPML files and individual feeds), Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slideshare, SoundCloud.Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, GG, Google News, GGImg, RSS, linksTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Images, RSSTwitter, videos, images, text, embedRSS, Google Reader, Bing RSS search, Taptu's StreamStore, Facebook, TwitterLinks, RSS, Facebook, TwitterGoogle, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, ThemeefyLinks, blogs, videos...RSS, Twitter, Facebook, delicious, PinboardTwitterTwitter, YouTube, Vimeolinks: youtube, vine, vimeo, daylimotion, slideshare, soundscoud, googlemaps, flickR, picasa, instagram, tweetpic articles, blogs and much more! Upload: MP3, pictures, texte and much moreUploaded by Users (moderated): video, photos, text posts, audio. Uploaded by You: video, photos, text posts, audio posts, products, call-to-action links. From the Web: youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook, blogsimagesLinks, blogs, Twitter, videosWeb mondial : blogs, presse en ligne, Linkedin, ...
PositioningPlateforme de curation dans le domaine des loisirs créatifsPlace for conversationsPersonal curation plateformMicroblogging networkOpensource AggregatorContent curation tool (bundle & share web content, easily)Publish Stories (tweets)Communities curation for publishersPlateforme de curation personnellePlateforme de curation personnelleSaaS social content managementCurata is the leading provider of business grade, content curation software that enables marketers to curate the most relevant and highest quality content as part of a successful content marketing strategy. Since 2007, best-in-class marketers have relied on Curata's ease-to-use software to quickly find, curate, share and analyze content on specific issues or topics in order to establish thought leadership, own industry conversations and drive qualified web traffic.Easy and ethical curation toolTweets curationCuration platform for companies and agenciesOutil permettant la curation de contenu; la veille d'information et la publicationCuration mutualisée sur le contenu de qualité : liens vers pérenne et de qualité (appelé "pépites")une boite à idée en ligne pour conserver tout ce qu'on aime sur le webCuration platform for vertical websitesSet of real-time content integration tools for companies (finance, media, research ...)Discover and share items, stores, brandsMassive information republishing, using 5 twitter "experts" the domain we want to filter, to pikup all article they are "twitting", and redesign content preview to a web page, with simplified human curation in behind.Curation platform for media and publishersConversations curationFor bloggers, journalists, publishersKnowledge base and social network for businessContent marketingSocial-heapcasting (bookmarking, share)Content gathering and personalized newsfeedThe knowledge sharing place, your 3-ring binder for the web. Education, business, funCuration tool for real-time videoEnterprise social curation for real-time engagementSharing his life and digital curation of "stories"Social Bookmarking et Playlists - public, privé et collaborationShare your visual album of the webContent Curation Platform for WordPressMagazine par curationCollaborative content curation, creation and storytelling platformCollaborative Web Organization/Social Curationinformation sous forme de vignettes visuelles.Découvertes et partage de produits, listes d'envies, suivi de prix, système d'alertes automatique, comparateur in-page, réseau socialBusiness, CMS and newsletter focus.Real-time Curation platformCurated boards on one specific topic and questions/answers platform.Social curated media channelsContent curation & StorytellingPublication Platform by social curationPlateforme tout-en-un de content marketing collaborative basée sur des donnéesPlateforme de curation généralisteVideo CurationCreate amazing slideshows from web contentContent Curation + Social Media Management in one easy to use applicationContent rich collections wrapped in your opinionsSpundge makes it easy to discover, curate and create engaging content.Real-time Curation tool for journalistsPlate-forme de curation sociale autour de "Nations", des pages dédiées à un sujet précisAgrégateur de news socialSocial Curation for everyoneMagazine par curationVirtual personal assistant for the webCollection and research of our own shared linksCurated magazine from your Twitter timelineSocial Rating AgencyBring it all together! A social publishing platform that puts the power of curation, community and complete brand control in your hands.content curationDiscover and share linksCuration de contenu multilingue - 10+ langues, 3 millions de sujets d'actualité. Licence de l'outil seule, ou prestation complète de gestion éditoriale déléguée (outil + pool de rédacteurs à la demande)
BookmarkletYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Manual, automatic or bothYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes bookmarklet (signet dans la barre de favori)YesYes Ability to publish directly or to a shared list; a great tool for crowdsourcing contentYesYes manualYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Browser ExtensionYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes FavoritesYesYes Can create links that automatically filter a particular wall onload.YesYesYes
Auto selectionNoNoNoNoYesNoNoYesNoNoYesYesNoNoYesYesYesYes Advanced filterYesNoYesNoNoNoNoYesNoYesYesYes From GoogleYesYes Automatic Video Discovery ToolNoNoYes AI based feed reader works in the background, and you can train it to discover new and interesting contentYesYesYesNoNoYes bookmarklet (signet dans la barre de favori)NoYes Aggregation tools used with pre-index sourcesYesNoYes-NoYes Oui - curation automatique de contenu, avec des differents niveaux de moderation a l’aide de filtres.YesNoNoYes Finds, captures & categorizes contentNo Follow your interestsYes The system uses your keywords and previous selections to offer new items to curate,NoYesNoYesYesNoYes algorithmic serendipity (AI)YesNoYesNoYes Complete moderation or live feeds from youtube, flickr, twitter, facebook (or from specific accounts on each)NoNoYes
EditYesYesNoYesYesYes Although you can only edit notesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYes Ajout de thématiques décrivant le contenu de chaque lienYes Interviews de personnalités à parti du 5 novembreYes Annotations.YesNoYesYesYesYesYes Heading onlyYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Possibilité d'éditer chaque liste et chaque lienYes Can edit all articles found and create curated posts, with full text and images of the article right inside WordPress editorYesYesYesYes- Très limitéeYesYesYesNo Add your own original commentary to your feed, annotate individual itemsYesYes Personal comment on each linkYesYesYes Commentaires, likes & re-publicationsYesYesYesYesYes Can save any items in a Spundge Notebook. The Spundge Story editor enables ability to edit items before publishing.NoYesYesYesYesNoYesNoNoYes Edit Title and description of added contentYes Post details, tags, default social share copy, and customize look & feelYes commentaires personnels sur chaque image et commentaires possibles sur toutesYesYes Editorialisation complête
OutputSite, Facebook, Twitter, RSSTopic page, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, Posterous, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Flickr,, Plurk, FriendFeed, Diigo, Delicious, Clipmarks, bit.lyWeb page, embedTopic page, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, DeliciousRSSBundle page, email, social networks, embedTopic page, TwitterTopic website, web page, RSS, PHP, APIPage publique ou privée, Facebook, Twitter, embedPage publique ou privéeNewsletters, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Blog, RSSTopic site, web page, social media feeds, newsletters, blogs, email, mobile, etc.embed, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, Google Buzz, LiveJournal, linksPublic page, embedembed, RSS, API, PHP, WordPressHTML, RSS,Dropbox Peut etre lié à une page FacebookUne page par thématique, une page par utilisateur et la possibilité de combiner les deuxpage web, facebook, mailTopic website, Web pages, Widget, Embed, RSS, JSON, Twitter, CMS, Wordpress plugin, Custom formatsNewsletter, widget, RSS, XML, APITopic pagesweb page, others? Sharing button with Social, Evernote, ...Web pageMini-site, WidgetsJavascript embed, public pageMosaic (wikis), search engine, mini-sites, RSSTopic page, Web page, RSS, Twitter, FacebookPublic page, TwitterTopic page, email, iPhone appPublic page, private page, twitter, facebook, plurkTopic website, web page, Apps, Social media profiles, XML, JSONTopic page, embed and widget video, Twitter, Wordpress and MoveableType plugin, RSS, APIEmbed, Facebook, Twitter, mobile site, mobile apps, social TV, jumbotronTopic page, Facebook; TwitterListe de lien, Playlists Vidéos, Images, Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, DailymotionTopic page, Twitter, FacebookWordPress blog postsRSS, Javascript, PHP, HTMLPage web, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, PinterestBlogs, Twitter, facebook, Pinterest, EmbedTopic pageOrganized pages, path, embed, twitter, facebookPublic pagecollections publiques ou privées, tableau de bord personnelTopic site, web pagePublish directly to your CMS, social, or email newsletter. Open API for any CMS system, social connector, RSS reader, and e-mail program.Twiiter, Facebook Like, Google Buzz, embedTopic pageTopic Pages (channels)Share multiple pieces of content in one link with your name, branding and commentaryFacebook, Twitter, RSS, widget web personalembed, micro-sites, API, Twitter, Facebook. LinkedinFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Embed, MailTopic page, widgetSlideshow (embeddable), Twitter, Facebook, WidgetTwitter, Facebook, LinkedInTwitter, facebook, google+, redditEmbed, WordPress, Tumblr, MailChimp, Twitter, Facebook, G+Topic page, embedPublic page, Topic page, Twitter, FacebookApp iPhone, AndroidTopic page, Twitter, FacebookPage publique, magazine à télécharger (pdf ou epub), embedWeb personal, Twitter, FacebookSearch engine, widget, APIApp iPad, ReadabilityShare on social networks or by emailSyndicate the entire wall of content; or share the entire wall or individual posts via STF email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and all the AddThis optionspages publiques, partage sur facebook et Twitter, envoi des images par mailWeb page, Twitter, Facebook, email, widgetSite Web, page web, wordpress, réseaux sociaux
ExportYes Widget embarquableYes RSSYes RSSYes Seamless integration to all popular CMSs (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and APIsYes RSSYesYes HTML, Blog, Javascript, XML, Email, Twitter, Private or publicYes XMLNoYes RSSYesNoYes RSS, APIYes JSON API, XML API, RSSYesYesYes RDFNoNoYes WordPress plugin available, Drupal, Joomla, MailChimp, HootSuite, and other system solutions are availableNoNoNoYes XML, Excel, Embed, Syndication sous license et .csv pour l’analytiqueNoNoYes APIYes Email, Facebook, TwitterNoNoYesYes Export individual posts or RSS feed of select tagsNoYes Posts individuels et données structurées détaillées
CollaborationNoNoYesYesYesYesYes Some collaboration features availableYes au sein d'un même Dashub ou bien en partageant des dossiers avec un/des autres utilisateursYes Chaque thématique est unique et partagée par tous les utilisateursYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Possibilité de créer des listes de liens collaborativesYesYes +1 en gratuit, au-delà en payantYesYes Faire équipeYes- Collaboration through shared proxy lists, annotatation and curation bookmarklet (Directly or publish to a shared list for review)YesYesNoNo Sauf dans la version "Knowledge management"YesNoNoYes Team Sharing of contentYes collaboration on Notebooks and on Stories.YesNoNoNoNoYes You decide who may contribute to your collection and who may access without contributionNoYesNoYes
AnalyticsNoYesYesYes Page viewsYesYesYes Curation and content marketing operations analytics, as well as execution analytics.YesNoYesYes peut inclure google analyticsNoYes Traffic stats + .csvYesYesYesNoYesNoYesNoYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesNoYes A destination des marchandsNoYesNoYesYes premium feature- Sólo en las versiones de pagoYes Oui (Performance du contenu, partage, taux de conversion, profilage de l’audience, influence et indice de reputation)Yes Post & Click Through analytics by channel and by categoryYes Free statsYes Custom analytics for Notebooks, and Google Analytics integration for embeds.YesNoNoNoNoNoYesNoYes Analytics classique + analytics par sujet d'actualité
Mobile appNoYes Bookmarklet on iPhone, iPad, AndroidYes iPhone, AndroidYesNoNoYesYes iPad with off-line syncNo-Yes iPhoneYesYes BientôtNoYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidNoYesNoYes Android onlyYes iOS, AndroidYes Oui (Apple, Android)Yes iPhone, iPad, mobiles et tablettes AndroidYesNoNoNo Mobile WebsiteNo Works natively on all tablets,.Yes iPhone, AndroidNoYes iPhoneYes iPad- Full functionality of website embedded walls on mobile devices, but no mobile app versionNoYes iPhone, iPad, Android mobiles and tabletsNo
Social networkYes Facebook, TwitterYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes twitterYesNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes Connexion possible avec Facebook et TwitterYesNoYesYesYesYesYes Direct links to sharing and social platformsYesYesYesYesYes facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagramYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesNoYes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+YesYesYes
PricingGratuitFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeGratuitGratuitFree99 $ / monthGratuitGratuitgratuit$3K+/annualFreefrom 35 € / month ; on average 2000 € / monthFreeFreeFreeFree up to 100MB uploadFree, pro and enterprise versionsFreeGratuitFree, Pro ($10 month), Business ($20 month)Gratuit + 3 formules payantes (personnel, groupe, business)FreeFreeGratuitSilver, Gold, Platinum, CustomFreeFreeFremiumTiered: Free. Pro ($12.99US/Month), Business ($79US/Month)$2,500+/moGratuitFreeFreeFree trial; tiered monthly starting at $29.95Free!Free and Pro ($9 per month)GratuitFreeFreeGratuitFree$2.99 > march 22FreeVarious tiers and premium features. Designed to bring unparalleled power and flexibility to small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.gratuitFree
OriginFranceUSAUSASouth AfricaUSAPortugalUSAUSAUSAUSACanadaUSAUSAUSAUSABelge mais l'équipe a émigré en Grande-Bretagne et en EspagneFrancefranceCanadaUSAUSAUSAUSAUSABelgiumFranceUSAUSAUSAUSAUSAFranceUSAUSAUSAItaliaUSAUSAFranceUSAFranceUSAUSAUKUSAUSAIsraelFrancia (pero el equipo se traslado a EEUU)CanadaFranceUSAGermanyUSAUSACanadaUSAFranceIrlandeUKUSAIndiaEEUUUSAUSAUSAFranceUSAFranceUSAFrance
NotesPages and embed update in real-time.Elkorado est une site de curation mutualisé. Les utilisateurs ajoutent des liens vers du contenu qu'ils trouvent pertinent sur une ou plusieurs thématiques. Ces liens (appelés pépites) sont publiques et il est possible de suivre des utilisateur ainsi que des thématiques. La qualité et la pérénnité des liens sont de rigueurs.Lancé le 15 octobre 2012 Déjà 55 000 membres28,500 sources from 200 countries in 25 languagesSelection possible on mobile via emailShows Facebook and Twitter feed links but eliminates irrelevant posts and/or whole topics by keywords.Great library of education resourcesVideo hosting, ads platformBêta Publique lancé le 12 Juin 2013Lancé le 1er août 2012Beta, By invitationFirst (and largest) social curation communityDes jeux-concours sont régulièrement organisés. Les participants constituent leur propre dotation sous forme de collections de produits du détaillant partenaire.Scribblelive se concentre sur la totalite du cycle de vie du contenu: de la recherche d’influenceurs a la planification, la creation, l’interaction, la mesure et l’optimisation du contenu. L’ecosysteme peut etre achete en modules.Features MagicPad(TM), a built-in, virtual tablet for viewing, capturing and repurposing content.Announced public beta in late Sept. 2012.Still in beta privatein private betaPublic beta version released Dec13Multilingue
Overall rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating4.0 1 rating4.0 1 rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating3.3 3 ratings5.0 1 rating5.0 7 ratings5.0 1 rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating4.0 4 ratings0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating5.0 2 ratings0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 2 ratings4.0 1 rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating0 no rating0 no rating0 no rating5.0 1 rating
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