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2016-08-17 23:06:09

Comparison of Aggregators: Automatic Publishing Tools

These tools enable you to select automatically content online, to render and to publish it.

This comparison is part of a French IT newspaper article about the Curation tools: "3ème volet d'un Guide de la Curation". For more details about products and criteria, please read the original article :

This comparison is associated to another one, dedicated to Curation Platforms, that enable you to select manually content and edit it:

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WebsiteLikeOriginOverall ratingSourcesBookmarkletAuto selectionEditOutputExportSocial networkCollaborationAnalyticsMobile appPricingPositioningVideo tourNotesTwitter
Aggregage 0 USA0 no ratingRSS, TwitterNoYesNoTopic site, web pageNoYesBusiness media, B2B marketing
Curata 2 EEUU5.0 1 ratingRSS; Twitter; Google+; any site across the Internet that offers text, video or imagesYesYesYesWeb personal, social media feeds, newsletters, blogs, email, etc.Yes Seamless integration to all popular CMSs (e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and APIsYes- Algunas características de colaboración disponiblesYesYesCurata is the leading provider of business grade, content curation software that enables marketers to curate the most relevant and highest quality content as part of a successful content marketing strategy. Since 2007, best-in-class marketers have relied on Curata's ease-to-use software to quickly find, curate, share and analyze content on specific issues or topics in order to establish thought leadership, own industry conversations and drive qualified web traffic.
Curators.com 0 France0 no ratingIdentified CuratorsNoYes a moderatorNoWeb page, RSS, TwitterYes RSSNoNoNoFreeGeneral magazine by curators
DayLife 0 USA, 20060 no ratingRSS, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Image databases, newsrooms, CDNNoYesNoWeb page, APINoYesTelling stories, Curation for publishers and developers
Editions 0 USA0 no ratingYesNoiPad appYesYes iPadFreeiPad Magazine learning automatically
Fever 0 USA0 no ratingRSSNoYesNoWeb pageYes APINoNoNo30 $Web magazine, optimized for iPhone and iPad
Flipboard 1 USA5.0 1 ratingLinks, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSSNoYesNoiPad appNoNoNoNoYes iPad, AndroidFreeSocial magazine on iPadOfficial content: ABC News, All Things Digital, Bon Appetit, Lonely Planet, SB Nation, The Economist, Oprah, Forbes, National Geographic and over 30 others.
Float 0 0 no ratingYesiPhone appYes iPhoneFreePersonal news service!250 content partners including: AP, The Atlantic, Bloomberg, CBS, CNET, Entertainment Weekly, Fortune Tech, Huffington Post, Mashable, Slate, SB Nation, Time, Wired and more
Genieo 1 Israel5.0 1 ratingLinks, Facebook status, Twitter, videos, articles, Quora, RSSNoYesNoWeb pageFreeWeb magazine
Kurat.com 0 5.0 1 ratingNews sites, blogs, RSS, Twitter, linksYesYesYes Heading onlyTopic page, Web page, RSS, Twitter, FacebookNoNoYesNoNoFreeContent marketing
News.me 0 0 no ratingTwitterYesiPad app, daily email digestYes iPadFreePersonalized news serviceOfficial content from New York Times, The Boston Globe, Associated Press, Forbes, AOL News, Gawker, GigaOm, Mashable, RedWriteWeb and SB Nation.
Ongo 1 USA5.0 1 ratingYesNoYes iPhone, iPad$5.99/moPersonal news serviceOfficial content from The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today, AP, Reuters, the Financial Times, The Boston Globe, to the Los Angeles Times, from the Detroit Free Press to The Miami Herald.
Paper.li 4 Suisse3.3 3 ratingsTwiitter, Facebook, Google+, RSS and the ability to add any article or media from anywhere on the web.Yes There is the Publish it bookmarklet enabling curation from anywhere on the webYesNo Publishers can reposition and delete content as well as blacklist sources and / or contributorsTopic page, Nomad embed, iPad, iPhone, Android devicesNo There is the Nomad widget that offers site and blog owners the opportunity to host their news directly on their site.NoNo To come.No To come.YesFree with very limited usePersonalized News, niche publishing, curated content2011 Mashable Awards nominee for Up-and-Coming Social Media Service
Publitweet 0 USA0 no ratingTWNoYesNoDedicated custom page, Javascript embed, social sharingYesYes
Pulse 0 USA4.0 1 ratingNews sitesNoYesNoApp mobileNoYes iPhone, iPad, AndroidFreeNews magazine on iPhone, iPad and AndroidOfficial content from 200 partners, including ESPN, The New Yorker, USA Today, NBC News, Al Jazeera, among others.
Qwiki 0 USA0 no ratingNoYes
SkyGrid 0 0 no ratingfrom over 1 million sourcesYes iPad, iPhone, AndroidFreePersonal news service
Summify 1 0 no rating
The Twitted Times 0 0 no rating
Trove 0 0 no ratingfrom thousands of blogs and news sourcesYes facebookYes iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 7 Tablet, BlackberryPersonalized news service
Utopic 0 0 no rating
Yahoo! Pipes 0 USA0 no ratingHTML, XHTML, RSS, CSV, Flickr, Gooble Buzz, YahooNoYesNoRSSNoYesNo
Zite 1 Canada5.0 1 ratingLinksNoYesNoiPad appNoNoNoNoYes iPadFreeiPad Magazine learning automatically
Twinklaz 1 France5.0 1 ratinglinks: youtube, vine, vimeo, daylimotion, slideshare, soundscoud, googlemaps, flickR, picasa, instagram, tweetpic articles, blogs and much more! Upload: MP3, pictures, texte and much moreYesNoYes Edit Title and description of added contentShare on social networks or by emailYesYes You decide who may contribute to your collection and who may access without contributionNoFreeSocial Rating AgencyPublic beta version released Dec13
ContentDJ 3 Canada5.0 2 ratingsTwitter, RSSYesYesYesPinterest, Google+, Wordpress, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, MailchimpYes Wordpress, MailchimpYes Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, MailchimpYesYesNo14 day free trial. Plans start at $6/monthContent score. A score from 1-100 based on engagement likelihood. A social media editorial calendar to help with planning and publishing of content.
Kuku.io 0 0 no ratingtwitter, facebook, linkedin, ...Yesbeta version, nice solution lot of feature currently integrated in freemium...


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