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Mac OSYesYes
Video tourhttp://youtu.be/pgJCN2z87vYhttp://youtu.be/NopMQ6bB4dUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyS99-ddbOYhttp://www.youtube.com/v/Ek9lDLbbfec
Touch screenYes
LicenseCloud-Based SaaSCloud-based SaaSSaaS
Like 0 4 2 0 1 21
PlatformWeb-appWeb-appWeb-app Mobile apps
APIYesYesYesYesYes http://www.wrike.com/platform.jsp
LDAP support- Support available by overriding authentication using provided features for extending/overriding default auth systemYesYesNo
Gantt chartNo- With external pluginsNoNoYesYes Interactive, sleek, instantly created from task list
Hosting starting price (per year)249 USD588 USD468 USD13 USD per month 5 active(!!) projects588 USD per year (free version available)
Pricing detailshttp://www.activecollab.com/#pricinghttp://basecamphq.com/signup
Hosted solutionsNoYesYesYesYes
Available as standalone softwareYes Self-hosted web application (not SaaS)NoNo-
In frenchYesNoYes
Visual customizationYes Company logo, themes- logoYesYes logoYes Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder color
Twitter supportYesNoYesYes
File attachmentsYesYes
Mobile version- Web interface optimized for mobile devicesYesYesYes iOS, Android
Email notificationsYesYesYesYesYes Full email integration: create tasks from emails: http://www.wrike.com/help/smart-email-integration/
Social networkNo
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
Pro: $49/mo paid annually Enterprise: need to contact them
Document VersioningYesNoNoYesYes
Free trial periodYes 30 daysYes 30 daysYes
Livechat supportYesNoYesYes
Email supportYesYesYesYesYes
iPhone SupportYesYes
Free planYes 1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storageYes Free Plan & Free 30-day Trial on All Paid PlansYes 2 active projects, unlimited usersYes 5 users, unlimited collaborators
Tasks delegationYesYesYesYesYes
Live chatYesYesYesYes Optional free moduleYes
Forums & BlogsYesYesYesYesYes Blog
Time tracking / TimesheetsYesNoYesYes daily/ weekly - approval processYes
Contact ManagementNoNoNo
Document ManagementYesYes limited file searchingYes
Time TrackingYes Interesting implementation, can define 'hourly rates' for different roles, and can keep track of costs this way. Could be interesting for setting rate for students, staff, managers, etc, to get a good idea of how much a project is actually costing?- With external pluginsNoYesYes
Document editingNoNoYesYesYes
Online browser editingNoNoNoYes Native, plus integration with Google Docs and with Box, both of which have browser editing
Document sharing and storageYesYesYesYesYes Can upload files and can also use Google Docs
Project integrationYesYesYesYesYes
Import from external resources (GoogleDocs, etc)NoNoYesYes FTP - S3 - SVN - SAMBAYes Google Docs integration; Excel; MS Project
Access rights managementYesYesNoYes Role based on single project or globalYes Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.
Description/Tags for documentsYesNoYesYesYes
Mobile VersionYesNoYesYes
Group ChatNo
Security level (https usage)Yes using another security featuresYesYesYes
Report generationYesYesYesYes Workload per user
Import dataYesYes
Export dataYes HTMLYes HTML, XMLYesYes Excel, pdf, jsonYes Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheets
Task hierarchy- Subtasks, but very limited capability with them (assignee, title, and complete/not complete) Task lists also, but function more like statuses.NoNoYesYes
SSL SecurityYes Since it's self-hosted web application, administrators can add SSL on their ownYesYesYesYes
Issue trackingNoNoNoYes Kanban view - issue planningYes Ability to create custom tags
Portfolio managementNoYes possible with excellent tools like roadmapYesYes
Workflow systemNoNoYes Based on JBPM. Supports BPM based flow definitionYes
Resource managementNo- Rudimentary in Basecamp. The new basecamp does not support time tracking which really kills resource management. However, roadmap, which bi-directionally links with Basecamp, does an excellent job of this.Yes Resource planning - workloadYes Workload view, custom fields for tasks
Private projectYesYes Granular control per-projectYesYes Granular control per-projectYes Granular control per-project
Phone SupportNoNoYes
Contacts Address BookNoYesYesYes Can use folders to store contact info in rich text format
Shared CalendarYesNoYes Google Calendar IntegrationYesYes
OpenID Authentication- Possible by writing custom authorization providerNoYesYesYes Sign in with Google account
Automatic Tracking timerYesNoYesYesYes
Project MilestonesYesNoYesYesYes
Tasks managementYesYesYesYes Basic Task ManagementYes task list - templates - gantt chartYes
Micro- blogging Status Updates- Has its own status updates, no built-in integration with 3rd party servicesYesNoYesYes + activity stream
Import Basecamp dataYesYes It is already Basecamp data...NoYes
Freshbooks integration-NoYes http://appcenter.intuit.com/mavenlinkYesYes
Video tutorialsNoYesYesYes
Public Feedback SystemYes Community forum with staff actively taking part in discussionsYes "Answers" ForumsYes https://mavenlink.zendesk.comYes Uservoice: http://vote.wrike.com
Schedule meetingsNoNoNoYesYes
Phone conferencingNoNoYes
Service Level Agreement (SLA)No
Pricing plans
  • Basic plan: $24/month (15 projects, 5 GB file storage)
  • Plus: $49/month (35 projects, 15 GB file storage)
  • Premium: $99/month (100 projects, 30 GB file storage)
  • Max: $149/month (unlimited projects, 75 GB file storage)
Free: 5 users, unlimited collaborators Professional: $49 per month (5 users, annual subscription), $99 per month (15 users, annual subscription) Enterprise: on request
Link contacts with tasks/projectsYesYesYes Cross-task dependencies
Drag & DropNoYes
Box IntegrationNo Local files only.- With paid external plugin.Yes Actually end up with a link to the file itself in Box, not a local version. Could be good or bad...it asks to update permissions to allow anyone with the link to access the respective file.No Currently limited to only integrating with a single person's Box account, which makes it basically useless.Yes
Inbuillt Browser ChatNo
Casper Mode (Hidden-Mode)No
Email IntegrationNoYes
Skill SetsNo
Standalone SoftwareNo
License Type# Users, 30, 60. Unlimited projects.# Projects, unlimited users. 10, 40, 100, UnlimitedX number of users, $14 or $24 per employee based on features needed.# Projects, unlimited users. 40, 75, 150, unlimited projects.X number of users, unlimited projects
Cost$1,000/year$1,200/year for 100 projects and 40GB storage. $1,800/year for unlimited projects and 100GB storage.At least $4,200/year if we setup our own Organization.$1,089 for 75 projects, $1,639 for 150 projects, $2,739 for unlimited + SAML single-sign-onFor 25 users, $2,500 annual, with $500 initial setup consultation with Wrike available.
CRMNoYes- Help desk system is similar- Only by direct link with Salesforce
User storiesYes
We-wired webYes
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    2018-09-06 05:26:27
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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