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2017-01-14 10:23:21
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Language and translation issuesAll regions currently face problems in receiving information translated into their regional languages, though Asia Pacific less than others as English is spoken and understood well in all their countries. Translation into all GCE languages is required for effective engagement of the entire constituency. Translations done by GCE translators may take time to finish and share with regions. So delays are often expected. *The responsiveness of coalitions suffers as a result (related to point 3 on the left).Lack of documents and communications available in Arabic from GPE as well as GCE is a big issue.
Delays in receiving information from GCE/GPEWhen communication is shared by GPE, and at times GCE, it doesnt arrive to the CSO2 constituency with enough time for them to engage properly.
Lack of responsiveness from coalitionsLow or lack of responsiveness may result from language barriers and delays to receive communication from GPE/GCE as well as translation delays, internet connectivity issues, low level of understanding of GPE processes and not seeing a value added through participation, and operating in fragile/conflict affected countries.
Lack of regular steady flow of communication from focal points on GPE processesThere is no sustained regular flow of communication coming from focal points throughout the year.
Lack of limited human/financial resourcesLack of or limited human/financial resources from regions in order to conduct their work effectively. The focal point role that they perform is not a standalone role, and in fact an additional one on top of regional focal points' own regional obligations for their organisations. Therefore current regional focal points must work within existing time restraints as well as a lack of or limited additional human/financial resources to assist with activities related to the support to GCE on CSO2/GPE.ANCEFA regional focal points, although happy to continue supporting GCE with GPE engagement, expressed equal concern with performing this role, which they have limited time budgeted on top of their own responsibilities.Many countries in the region are undergoing tumultuous situations of political conflict/or civil war, and as such count on limited financial and human resources to support CSO2/GPE engagement initiatives.
Differing levels of knowledge of GPE within constituencyRegional representatives emphasized the difficulties faced with engaging coalitions possessing limited or no prior knowledge of GPE.Representatives from this region strongly emphasized others’ statements related to the existing lack of knowledge held by many of their constituency members on GPE processes, and on the valued added benefit that their active engagement would bring to their coalition.
Difficult meeting timesAsia Pacific is often included in global calls that start in the evening to early morning hours, which make it difficult to ensure their participation.
Frequent internet connectivity issuesInternet connectivity issues were cited as being particularly bad in the region, especially in small isolated island nations.Internet connectivity issues are often a big problem in this region.
Undergoing difficult political situationMany ACEA national coalitions operate in countries facing conflict, war, and political/economic instability.
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