Yik Yak vs. @UmichConfess

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2015-02-02 19:42:27
Compare Yik Yak vs @UmichConfess
Yik Yak@UmichConfess
Post ContentYesYes
Vote on ContentYesNo
Location ControlYesNo
Second Hand Post CommentaryYesNo
"Hot"/Popular PostsYesNo
Application BasedYesNo
Search Box AbilityYesYes
Student Specific Posts/Directed Anonymous PostsNoYes
Brand RecognitionYesNo
  • 2015-02-02 19:31:09
    2015-02-02 19:42:27
  • English
  • Compare Yik Yak vs @UmichConfess
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  • Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 3.0 / GNU FDL
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