7th month

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2016-06-06 20:41:58
Babies Food Diversification Table
7th month
MilkBreast milk or "milk second age" 500ml/day
MeatYes Blended (10 g/day); Lean meats: beef, veal, squeaker, turkey, ham
VegetablesYes green beans, zucchini seedless and skinless, leeks, chard, beets, broccoli, mushrooms, endive, fenoul, pumpkin, artichoke hearts, lettuce
PotatoesYes smooth mashed
Added fatYes Oil (olive, canola) or butter (1 teaspoon of oil or a knob of butter to the meal).
Yoghurt and cheeseYes yogurt or "fromage blanc" or small nature-Swiss
FruitsYes very ripe or cooked or mixed (homogeneous texture, smooth): Apples, pears and bananas start slowly, then plums, peaches or apricots
EggYes 1/4 hard-boiled egg yolk. Caution: It is recommended in children with a predisposition to allergy to avoid introducing the egg before 1 year
BeveragesYes pure water
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