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2014-05-19 11:14:51

MyMicroInvest is the market place where you can invest in companies that you like! You invest alongside professional investors from € 100 under the same financial conditions. By doing so, we aim to give anyone an access to venture capital quality investment opportunities having a more transparent and meaningful investment.

+11,000 active members, +EUR3,000,000 raised and invested in companies

1. MyMicroInvest
Video tourhttp://youtu.be/55P7JETQZ88
Launch date2011-11-01 (BE)
Price2% management fee per year and a 20% performance fee only if the internal rate of return is up to 10% (per year) see: http://mymicroinvest.com/mymicroinvest-for-investors
Country of originBelgium
Maximum amount of fundraisingfrom €75,000 to + €1,000,000
Fundraising campaign duration1 to 3 months
Who can raise money?Seed (about to be launched) Early Stage (launched) Growth (Expanding)
Minimum investment€100
Who can invest ?Anyone +18 years old
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1. MyMicroInvest


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    +1.6m EUR raised, waou!
    Français Posted 2011-09-19 14:22:19 by guidesc

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