WinPDFEditor Software

2019-10-21 09:13:53
Top PDF Watermark Creator Tools of 2019
WinPDFEditor Software
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Product details
Latest version2.0
Price29.95 $
Add Watermark to PDFYes
Add Text Watermark to PDFYes
Insert Image Watermark on PDFYes
Show Progress SummaryNo
Customize WatermarkYes
Apply Logo Watermark to PDFYes
Position Watermark on PDFYes
Maintain Data IntegrityYes
Add Watermark to Multiple PDFsNo
Save PDF FileYes
Support All Windows VersionsYes
Support All PDF VersionsYes
24*7 Technical SupportYes
30 Days Money Back*Yes
FAQ KnowledgeBase-
Live ChatYes
Free UpgradesNo
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    2019-10-21 09:13:53
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