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Android 11 verses Android 13


Android 13Android 12LAndroid 12Android 11
Last updateOct. 3rd 2022 7:55:43 AMOct. 3rd 2022 7:41:11 AMOct. 3rd 2022 12:07:55 AMSep. 18th 2021 3:03:29 AM
Release dateAug. 15th 2022 Apr. 7th 2022 2021 Oct 4Sep. 8th 2020
Version nameTiramisuSnow Cone v2Snow ConeRed Velvet Cake
API Level33323130
Key user features added
  • Notifications need must be allowed before first send
  • The notification panel show the number of active apps
  • More customizable UI (Could adjust the whole UI depending on the selected wallpaper)
  • Security and privacy enhancements like a timeline to know what data your applications access
  • Screen recording
  • Better permissions settings
  • Messaging bubbles
  • Ethernet Tethering
Key developer features added
  • Android Runtime (ART) improve memory management
  • Bluetooth LE Audio support
  • LC3 audio codec
  • MIDI 2.0 over USB support
  • Foldable screen support
  • User interface adjustments for large screens
  • “Material You” design language
  • Android Private Compute Core
  • AV1 Image File Format support (AVIF)
  • 5G app support
  • Captive portal API
  • Shared datasets
  • Wireless debugging
Feb. 23rd 2023 9:41:40 AM
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