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AT&T iPhone vs Verizon iPhone


Should you go for AT&T or Verizon ?

In the US the iPhone is now also available at Verizon. It comes with a slightly different version of the iPhone since Verizon use a CDMA network instead of GSM. Check out below the comparison chart to see the main differences.

The points:
  • The Wifi hotspot is a good addition to Verizon version but since Data and Voice can not go at the same time it's a big issue.
  • The antenna has been redesigned for the CDMA network and some are reporting that it may fix or reduce the death grip issue the initial iPhone version had.
  • The AT&T netwok quality and coverage is often criticized so it's a good point that we now have the choice.
  • AT&T did not mention any web content compression yet. So the point goes for AT&T on this criteria, which will not transform the original web content. Web content compression, will most likely make some websites looks less clean on the iPhone's retina display.

For now we don't know the details about Verizon iPhone plans; we will update the comparison table as soon as we get more info about that.

AT&T iPhoneVerizon iPhone
Wi-Fi hotspotYesYes
SIMYes microSIMNo
Voice and Data at the same timeYesNo
Conference call (simultaneous calls)52
Place calls on holdYesNo
Antenna design3 notches4 notches
Antenna image
Mobile phone technologyGSMCDMA
Network coverage
3.0/5 1 rating
4.0/5 1 rating
Network quality
3.0/5 1 rating
4.0/5 1 rating
International mobilityWorldwideLimited (40 countries have CDMA networks)
Web content compressionNoYes
iPhone 16GB price$ 199$ 199.99
Minimum contract2 years2 years
Unlimited data planNoYes $30/month offer available for a limited time
Data Plans2GB $252GB $30
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Should you go for AT&T iPhone or Verizon iPhone ?
Aug. 21st 2011 12:51:19 AM
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