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2020-01-18 19:04:12
Compare Encase
OSForensicsProDiscoverBasicWinHexR-StudioActive@FileRecoveryActive@UndeleteFTK ImagerRecuvaAutopsy
Time for creation (min:sec)04:5507:4307:2905:0403:0506:2005:00--
File size (GB/MB/BYTES)7.48 GB7.47 GB7.48 GB68.5 MB446 bytes499 bytes1.46 GB--
Integrity verificationYesYesYesNoYesYesYes--
Supported Image FormatsRaw Image (.IMG, .DD) Split Raw Image (.00n) Advanced Forensics Format Images* (AFF) Advanced Forensics Format Images w/ meta data* (AFM) Advanced Forensics Format Directories* (AFD) VMWare Image (.VMDK) EnCase EWF (.E01) EnCase 7 EWF (.EX01) EnCase Logical EWF (.L01) EnCase 7 Logical EWF (.LX01) SMART EWF (.S01) VHD Image (.VHD)Prodiscover format(.eve), Raw Image(.dd).whx, .e01, .ddByte-to-byte(.dsk), R-Drive Image Compatible(.rdr)Active@FileRecovery Image compatible (.dim)Active@Undelete Image Compatible(.dim)E01, S01, and L01 AFF AD1 RAW/DD--
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    2020-01-18 19:04:12
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