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2019-06-25 15:26:55
Cela va inclure un mailbox store, ou pas ! I do make a single table for Mail storage AND Mail clients, because main actors onclude both: But can be splited later on 2 different tables view
Editor/OwnerWebsiteExtra infoNotesLast updateLatest versionDifficulty to setupPlatformsWindowsMac OSLinuxWeb BrowserApp iOSAndroidFeaturesShared CalendarContacts Address BookDistribution listsTasks managementOffline modeSpellcheckerOpen sourceSupportSMTP supportPOPIMAPYahoo mailGmailiCloudExchange support (MAPI)PricingFeeCloud StorageFree StorageStorage (GB)Paid storage maxCost/Monthnumber of maiboxesNo AdvertisementsSecurityAutomated Backup2FAEncryptionNSA real free confidentialSpam filterAntivirusSecurity levelDeleted Mailbox RecoveryDeleted after unusedDelegation after death
AOL Mail 15:53:45Yes- max 50000 no rating
Apple MailApple 13:58:50easyYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes ?Yes0 no rating
BluewinSwisscom2016-12-30 21:04:460 CHFYesYes15 GB9 CHF1- paid onlyYes0 no rating
eM Client 13:58:500 no rating
Eudora2016-12-28 12:55:33mediumYesNoYesNo0 no rating
FastMail 15:38:33YesYes- stocké USA/chiffré!0 no rating
Foxmail 13:58:50mediumYesYesNo0 no rating
GMX 15:15:450 no rating
Google GmailGoogle avec inbox2017-02-01 13:45:34easyNoNoYesYesYes- best use groups- limited- browser0 USDYesYes15- can deactivateYesYes option0 no ratingYes
Google InboxGoogle interface sur même mailbox Google2016-12-28 15:15:45easyNoNoYes- separated- separated- groups- limited- browser0 USDYes15YesYes option0 no ratingYes
Hushmail 15:38:33YesYes- controversé0 no rating
IncrediMail 13:58:500 no rating
InfomaniakInfomaniak Workspace TLD2019-06-25 15:26:55medium- extend +OwnCloud- extend +OwnCloud- addon- use POP/IMAP clientYes0 CHFYes 100GB- 2 mails, 100 MB0.1100 GB14.31 CHF25YesYes option0 no rating
LaPoste.net 13:59:170 no rating
Mail.com1&1 16:06:540 no rating
Mail Orange 15:15:450 no rating
Mail SynologySynology Station is roundcube2016-12-28 15:22:12hardYesYes own cloudYes own NAS0- must configureYes option- store OK, encrypt?0 no rating
Mailbird 13:58:500 no rating
Mailden 15:43:56- IMAP- IMAP- IMAPYesYesYesYes0 no rating
Net-CNetCourrier 15:04:43YesYesYesYesYesYesNo0 EURYesYes125 GB1€- in paid onlyYes0 no rating
Opera Mail 13:58:500 no rating
Outlook 2016Microsoft2016-12-28 12:55:33mediumYesYesYesYesYes150 EURNo0 no rating
Outlook.comMicrosoft courrier ou live Mail, ex Hotmailfusion des solutions Microsoft en Courrier2016-12-28 15:54:34easyYesNoYes0 no rating
ProtonMail 15:45:25NoNoNoYes- 4s minNoNoYes0.5Yes0 no rating
Reach-a-mail2016-12-28 13:58:500 no rating
RiseUP.net 15:38:33Yes0 no rating
RoundcubeRoundcube fact a webmail server providing Client service for lot of providers2016-12-28 12:55:33hardNoNoYesYesYes0 no rating
Runboxège2016-12-28 15:38:33Yes0 USDYesNo11 GB3$1Yes0 no rating
SFR Mail 15:15:45YesYes 50MB>10GB100 no rating
The Bat! 13:58:50Yes0 no rating
Thunderbird 13:58:50mediumYesYesNo0 no rating
tranquille.ch 16:10:085 CHFYes1CHF selon usage10 no rating
Tutanota 15:45:25NoNoNoYesYesYesYesNoNo0 no rating
Yahoo Mail 13:58:500 no rating
Zoho Mail 16:10:080 USDYesYes51Yes0 no rating
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    2019-06-25 15:26:55
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