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HTML5 Video Player Comparison


Compare VideoJS vs SublimeVideo vs JW Player

VideoJSMediaElementJSJW PlayerFlowPlayerRadiant Media Player
FreeYes Open sourceYes Open sourceNo Requires commercial licenseNo Requires commercial licenseNo Requires commercial license
Flash fallbackYesYesYesYesYes
Unified look/APIYesYesYesYesYes
SubtitlesYesYesYes Requires pluginYesYes WebVTT, CEA *08, TTML
Customizable skinsYesYesYesYesYes
Playlists- Through pluginsYesYesYesYes
Audio playbackNoNoYesNoYes
Analytics support*NoNoYes Google analytics integration only with 'Premium' package ($29.99/month)Yes Google analytics integrationYes Google Analytics integration
Social integration*NoNoYes Only with 'Premium' package ($29.99/month)NoYes Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
Compare VideoJS vs SublimeVideo vs JW Player
Dec. 10th 2017 9:32:40 PM
Jun. 26th 2013 9:24:49 PM
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User reviews and comments

  • vmoses77 on Jul. 10th 2018 7:46:05 PM

    I have recently installed the VLC media player, I wanted to compare it with my inbuilt media player on my AOL laptop, I had some problem with the inbuilt media player thus I visited AOL tech Support to know about the steps to deal with the problems. Finally, I updated the application and experienced the updated features.

  • boushley on Oct. 14th 2016 12:20:33 AM
    suggested on VideoJS to set Playlists to yes Through Plugins