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Cool iPad apps

WebsiteImageTypeIs it free?Is it limited?Official appstore? (or jailbreak?)DescriptionRating
List n Dolistndo.comUtilitiesNoStrong limitations (good perhaps as a demo)YesA task manager. The good thing with that one is that it synchronizes with + it's very intuitive.
4.0/5 1 rating limitations - got it all !NoAn excellent tool to lock a few applications if you don't want other people to launch them (asks a password). The good thing with this app is that it is very simple to protect or not an application: double click the home button (just like to delete them) and tap the lock. It's not high security though. For instance, if the application is already launched and the iPad is paused, when it resumes you directly go to the application without any password required.
4.0/5 1 rating
Go Sky and mapsYesNo limitations - got it all !YesNice application to see the stars (with their names and constellations) just "behind" the iPad. Night light possible to enable. It's not always that easy though to spot the right stars, because they are... indeed... under the iPad ;)
3.0/5 1 rating
Toy Story Read Along limitations - got it all !YesReally cool book of Toy Story 1. A voice reads aloud, highlighting each word. It's cool if your kid is learning to read. Also, it's possible to put colour on drawings. Really good app for kids. And it is not pointing to anything you need to buy, no hidden advertisement ;)
5.0/5 1 rating
Fun limitations - got it all !YesTo play bridge (the card game, ok ?). It's really nice, including for beginners because it tells you what each answer might mean etc. For advanced players, there are tournaments too. Well beginners can play too. A bit slow on the iPad from time to time, but great otherwise.
3.0/5 1 rating
aTubeMultimediaYesNo limitations - got it all !Yesa YouTube downloader. If you're viewing the same video several times, you might not want to download it each time, especially if your bandwidth is a bit limited. With aTube, you can download and cache the video...
no rating
Cool iPad apps
Sep. 14th 2011 10:17:57 PM
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