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List of Free english RSS feed directories


Here is a List of Free RSS feed directories in english and that do not require a reciprocal link back to their website.

If you generate an RSS feed on your blog or website, it could be interesting for SEO (search optimization) to register it into these different directories. It will help you to get more web traffic from search engines

The "Feed description field" column is to know if you can describe the content of your feed and the "Email required for submission" column is to know if you need to give your email before submitting the RSS feed.

If you know other RSS directory, do not hesitate to add it to this collaborative list.

Web link to submit RSS feedFeed description fieldEmail required for submissionWebsiteCategory
Bali, Bali
Educational 500 chars limitYesrss-dir.comGeneral
RSS Feed
RSS Podcast, Podcasts 500 chars limitYesrssbuffet.comGeneralénéral
Compare 5z5 vs Balirss vs Educational-feeds vs Feedagg vs Feedgy vs Feedlisting vs Feedsee vs Goldenfeed vs Metafeeder vs Oobdoo vs Plazoo vs Rdfticker vs Ribix vs Rss-dir vs Rss-network vs Rss-one vs Rssbuffet vs Rssfeeddirectory vs Rssmicro vs ...
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Search engines, directories
Aug. 14th 2023 12:29:37 PM
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