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Quick comparison of SEO and PPC as business marketing/advertising tools

Time Needed to Take EffectTypically 3-6 months are needed for SEO work to materialize benefitsNear-instant - as long as it takes to setup your PPC campaign and acquire clicks
Relative CostsIn the short term, SEO work typically requires more cash than PPC. In the long run (beyond 6 months), SEO is typically less expensive.In the short term, PPC is usually less expensive than SEO. However, the cost of SEO begins to fall while the cost of PPC remains steady. After a few months of advertising, PPC is typically more expensive.
Ongoing Effort Required?Definitely - in order to be successful long-term, an SEO strategy must embrace ongoing effort.Typically, but not as much as SEO. Unless new advertising concepts are constantly being introduced, PPC requires less effort over time.
Potential Click Volume (% of searches)If you obtain #1 ranking on a particular keyword, 30-50% of the people searching will click on your listing.Generally, about 2% of the people searching will click on a paid advertisement.
ScalabilityPossible, but expensive. SEO works best when it's one piece of content at a time, one link at a time. In order to achieve any real scale, you need a large team.Easy - Provided you have the ad budget, you can have advertisements running on hundreds of thousands of keywords in short order.
Quick comparison of SEO and PPC as business marketing/advertising tools
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Jason Lancaster
Jan. 16th 2012 12:16:08 AM
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