Making photos albums or magazines with a group of friends

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2011-08-02 14:12:27

Social photos books are made with photos from differents friends sharing photos online. They can now build collaborative photo albums or generate automatically magazines from their online content.

The difference of albums sizes can be visualized and compared when clicking on the top left graphic icon of the table.

If you know other websites that provide this kind of services, do not hesitate to add them to this collaborative comparison table.

DescriptionCreate a photo book with everyone’s story.Keepsy lets you invite friends to make group photo books together. You and your friends can even pitch-in together to get someone a group gift if you like.Weespr prints your life in a customized magazine automatically
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  • 8x8 Soft Cover $15.99 for 20 pages. Each additional page is 60¢.
  • 8x8 Hard Cover $26.99 for 20 pages. Each additional page is 60¢.
+ minimum $8.99 of shipping
  • The digital scrapbook is free.
  • The big hardback photo books start at $29.95 for up to 30 pages (8"x11").
  • Digital version is free.
  • Printed version is only $2.99 per issue in the US & Canada, shipping included!
International shippingNo USANo USA onlyYes
Number of pages203028
Collaborative EditingYesYesYes
Integrated SitesInstagramPicasa, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Photobucket, Netflix
Height8 in11 in8.5 in
Width8 in8 in5.5 in
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