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  • Video tour
    yes Deploys single or multiple widget per site by group, type of support or user behavior.
    Visitor details
    yes Geo-location, Name, Email, Product, Referral, Browser, OS, Page Impressions, Visits and any info provided by the visitor. No IP address. Data privacy mode available to comply with country regulations.
    Predefined responses
    yes Very easy to create and use with shortcuts. Can be gathered in groups
    Posted 2016-04-27 22:14:28 by martalw
  • Description

    Userlike offers a professional and lightweight live chat software for websites. Raise your conversion rates and create happy and loyal customers through an outstanding online customer service. Our various software packages connect to the needs of businesses from any size.

    Video tour
    Pricing plans

    After the free trial period, users can subscribe for the following products:

    • Free Plan: 1 operator; 1 chat widget; unlimited widgets
    • Userlike Team (€29/month): 3 operators; 3 chat widgets; unlimited history; integrations; basic customization
    • Userlike Corporate (€79/month): 5 operators; 5 chat widgets; analytics; WhatsApp Connect; full customization;
    • Userlike Business (€199/month): 10 operators; 10 chat widgets; phone support; API; white label;
    • Userlike Custom: Ask for quote
    Multiple operators
    yes Allows group support, routing visitors by specific widgets, topic chosen or, if none, to the available operator.
    Conversation transcripts
    yes Transcripts are stored within message center and can be retrieved anytime, downloaded or automatically sent to CRM.
    Posted 2016-04-27 22:07:15 by martalw
  • Clickpath Tracker
    yes See at what url your chat partner is and how he navigates over your site.
    Transfer to another operator
    yes Chat including chat history is transferable to other operators. User details are transferred as well. Easy transfer by command
    yes Open API and Javascript API
    Remote screenshot
    yes Operator can ask for a screenshot by a command
    Predefined responses
    yes Canned messages using shortcuts, can be added by both operators and admin. Can be gathered in groups
    yes Guide your visitor to any page- Push webpages
    Offline messages
    yes Yes
    Native mobile application
    yes Connect with Mobile Clients like Beejive, Verbs or Xabber (any XMPP chat client)
    Chat statistics
    yes Complete Chat Statistics (Operators, widgets, goals, etc.), Integration with Google Analytics, Tracking API
    yes Deploy unique widgets per site and connect with the proper operator group. Unlimited in all plans.
    Posted 2014-08-11 11:49:12 by neuvilll
  • Pricing plans

    After the free trial period, users can subscribe for the following products:

    • Free 0€/Month
    • Team 37$/Month
    • Corporate 102$/Month
    • Custom/ ask for a quote
    International support
    yes Support in English, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese
    Posted 2014-07-09 14:54:03 by neuvilll
  • Multi-site
    yes Illimité
    Multiple operators
    yes Un conseiller disponible pour la version gratuite. Nombre illimité pour le produit réalisé sur demande.
    Français Posted 2014-07-09 14:53:08 by neuvilll
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