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  • Dave voted for Justinmind (Like)
    on 2014-07-31 04:02:56
  • Dave rated UXPin: Overall rating 2
    on 2014-07-31 04:02:31
    Neat idea, but very broken. Too many bugs that destroy or damage mockups.
  • Dave rated Justinmind: Overall rating 4
    on 2014-07-31 04:01:48
    Very good, especially compared to UXPin. About Justinmind: • Excellent layer/group management. Clearly aiming at Photoshop in this regard. • Fast. • Stable: no crashes, and so far, only one weird little bug encountered (the order of elements in a group sometimes gets reversed, but fixes itself after putting the "last" element at the top, where it belongs.) • Comparable commenting system to UXPin. About UXPin • Near feature-parity with Justinind. • Very unstable (bugs, bugs, and more bugs: new ones every day!) I have had many hours' work destroyed by "smart elements" suddenly "exploding" all over the page. Copies of mock-ups lose grouping, making the groups useless. • Because it's cloud-based, very sluggish: uploading a small icon graphic can take several *minutes* before the image is usable in a mockup. • Terrible layers implementation: All but impossible to select items that are behind other items without moving the "upper" items out of the way. ZERO layer management. None.