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  • Maffoo commented on Mailgun
    on 2016-02-06 13:40:45
    Actually, screw my previous comment. I take it back. They require business verification, and you have to jump through all these hoops for them to allow you to use their service, then beg them "oh pretty please" let me use your service oh wise Rackspace gods. Sod that, no time for that.
  • Maffoo commented on Mailjet
    on 2016-02-06 13:38:09
    Update: managed to get second email confirmation working after being in touch with them via twitter, and decided to go with them due to mailgun's annoying company verification stuff which put me off.
  • Maffoo voted for Mailgun (Like)
    on 2016-02-01 12:30:05
  • Maffoo commented on Mailgun
    on 2016-02-01 12:29:54
    This is definitely my favourite of the lot. Very good service, as to be expected from Rackspace. But also pretty cheap, which isn't so much to be expected from them!
  • Maffoo commented on Mailjet
    on 2016-02-01 10:50:54
    I tried to add a second email to my account and it went straight into spam. Then the confirmation link inside didn't work (404). Then whitelisting my local domain didn't work, so now I'm stuck. Therefore, I have no interest in going any further as I can't be bothered waiting around for them to fix things.