Large Cuts

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2011-08-25 21:20:28
Large Cuts
Last update2011-08-25 21:20:28
Size of cuts40-60%
Response of public schools- Fundraising drives
- Endowment campaigns
- Salary/benefit modifications
- Staff cuts
- School closures
Response of alternative schools- Charter schools: co-ownership model
- Home schools:
- Private schools: Cristo Rey model
- Private schools: Rotating venture research
- Private schools: human capital investments
- Private schools: alt-currencies
Response of peer learning initiatives- Access to microscholarships
- Dreck into gold
- Online skills building (language practice, etc)
- Alternative certifications
Response of virtual learning ventures- Access to microscholarships
- Dreck into gold
Response of certification bodiescertification options here
Response of individuals- Access to free courseware
- online tutoring
- online certification
Response of donors- Microscholarships
- Challenge offers to communities for land grant endowments
- Social Impact Bonds
Response of investorsinvestor options here
Response of employersemployer options here
Response of governments- Land grant endowments for schools
- Land grant endowments for scholarship funds
- Voucher plans
- Tuition tax credits
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