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Youtube VS Vimeo API
Vimeo API
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OAuth 1.0Yes
OAuth 2.0-
Video feeds
Example of a video feed
Video search feedsYes,
Standard Google Data API parameters
Custom parameters
Standard video feedsYes,
parameteruser_id, page, per_page, summary_response, full_response, query, sort. Method to sort by: relevant, newest, oldest, most_played, most_commented, or most_liked.
Favorite videosYes vimeo.videos.getLikes: Get a list of videos that the user likes.
getLikersYes vimeo.videos.getLikers, Get a list of the users that have liked a video.
User uploadsYes vimeo.videos.getUploaded, Get a list of videos uploaded by a user.
Playlist feedYes vimeo.albums.getVideos, Get a list of the videos in an album.
Watch later feedYes vimeo.albums.getWatchLater, Get the list of videos in a user's Watch Later album.
Watch history- ? vimeo.activity.userDid, Get a list of things that a user did.
Video recommendationsNo
Related videos- vimeo.videos.getByTag, Get a list of videos that have the specified tag.
Video responsesNo
New subscription videos- vimeo.videos.getSubscriptions Get a list of the subscribed videos for a user.
Channel feeds
Channel search feedsYes vimeo.channels.getAll, Get a list of all public channels.
API query parameters for channel searchper_page, page, sort
Standard channel feedsYes vimeo.channels.getAll, Get a list of all public channels.
parametersort = newest, oldest, alphabetical, most_videos, most_subscribed, or most_recently_updated.
User types
Playlists feeds
Playlist search feeds
API query parameters for playlist search
User playlists feedYes vimeo.albums.getAll, Get a list of a user's albums.
Event feeds
Live event chartsNo
User events feedNo
Comment feeds
Comment feedsYes vimeo.videos.comments.getList, Get a list of the comments on a video.
Subscription and activity feeds
User subscription feedYes vimeo.people.getSubscriptions, Get a list of the things a user is subscribed to.
User activity feedsYes vimeo.activity.happenedToUser:Get a list of activity on a user. vimeo.activity.userDid :Get a list of things that a user did.
Inbox and contact feeds
User inbox feedNo
User contacts feedYes vimeo.contacts.getAll, Get a list of all contacts.
User profile entry
User profile entryYes vimeo.people.getInfo, Get information about a user.
Rate limiting
Rate limitingAuthenticated calls are limited to 1500 requests per user per 5 minutes. Unauthenticated calls are limited to 7500 requests per day.
keyConsumer key:
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