Below are some testimonials of the usage of SocialCompare on other websites.

  • François from Enchère-Centime-Magazine

    The French blog Enchère-Centime-Magazine.com discusses the current auction games (penny bids, reverse auctions and other fun auction concepts) and gathers a community of fans who regularly share their experiences.
    For me, SocialCompare arrived just in time. Indeed, the basic idea was to make a comparative table of the penny auction sites operating in France. Hard work into perspective given the number of sites currently on the market. I started my work on an Excel spreadsheet and I published it in jpg format on the site. This solution does not satisfy me because the number of comparison criteria is large, it was quite difficult to navigate. I have discovered SocialCompare thanks to a blog reader and I must say that I immediately loved it. The big advantage: the ability for readers to sort the table. Another interesting thing, readers can notify me if they see an error and suggest me the correction. Finally, the SocialCompare's support team is perfect (they quickly answered to all my questions). So I am very happy with this solution that I highly recommend!
  • Greg from SymbianFrance

    SymbianFrance is a French news website about smartphones on Symbian OS, which is the OS of Nokia machines.
    Today, more and more models are coming out with very few differences between them. I was looking for a simple and visual way to compare mobiles in order to allow my visitors to choose and have a global view. SocialCompare allowed me to do precisely this, by making easy data entry but also the integration on my site. It's a great service I recommend it to anyone who needs to compare and format a lot of information.
  • Paul from Atabl

    Atabl.com offers free electronic invitations for any occasion.
    Logically, I have used SocialCompare to show visitors features of each event creation solution, and the benefits they could get. The goal is to let users to freely choose, based on their use they wish to do with the invitation. In this context, SocialCompare enables us to do very quickly a summary and interactive table of benefits / disadvantages of each invitation service.

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