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Comparison of Notes Apps for Android. following Apps also considered, however not listed 1. Samsung notes Note - for lacks of significant features. 2. Evernote - for device limitations in free version. many good note taking services not included in the comparison due to recurring subscription
RatingMarca globalPlayStoreUrlWebEditAdFreeSearchRichTextEditExportImportTagsAttachmentsDesventajasVentajasComentarios
Journey.Cloud: Diary, Journal4.8
5.0/5 1 Valoración Global, AsYouType Jpg,png,gif,mp3,mp4,3gp onlyAttachment limit, No Recycle Bin
Standard Notes4.9
5.0/5 1 Valoración Paid upgrade All supportedRecurring Subscription, No Bundling or Category for indepent project.
TickTick: To-do list & Tasks4.5
4.0/5 1 Valoración Global, AsYouType One Per DayAll good except limits of free version
Diaro: Diary Journal Notes4
4.0/5 1 Valoración $4 once Global, AsYouTypeNo Images Only
DayBook: Diary, Journal, Note4.2
4.0/5 1 Valoración Global, AsYouTypeNo Images OnlyEditor is better then that of Diaro Customisation Available in export data
TaskNotes: Lists, Reminders3.9
3.0/5 1 Valoración $5 Once Global, AsYouTypeNo AllAll Attachments supported.
Simple Notes Pro3.8
3.0/5 1 Valoración 29 for Pro
3.0/5 1 Valoración Rs 280 once GlobalNo All
Mind Notes
3.0/5 1 Valoración Rs 448 Once Global, AsYouTypeNo Images Only
3.0/5 1 Valoración $x once Global, AsYouType Images, Audio Only
Diarium: Journal, Diary
3.0/5 1 Valoración WindowApp is there Global, AsYouType AllAll Attachment supported, however problem observed in the sync. Also No WebEdit
2.0/5 1 Valoración Rs 240 Once GlobalNoNoNo
UpNote: notes, diary, journal
2.0/5 1 Valoración Not Working Images, All files for $24 once
Taskito: To-Do List & Tasks
2.0/5 1 Valoración Less EffectiveNoNoNoNoComplicated No Export no attachment no clarity.
Note iOS 16: Phone 14 Notes
2.0/5 1 Valoración Global, AsYouTypeNoNoNoNo Images OnlyFor Secure notes Ad-free in paid upgrade
Compare: TickTick vs Taskito vs StandardNotes vs SafeDiary vs TaskNotes vs SamsungNotes vs Testy vs TidyNotes vs UpNote vs WeNote
2023-08-06 04:58:39
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