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Cloud DNS-Based Content and Threat Protection Filtering Services


Compare DNSFilter vs OpenDNS vs SafeDNS vs GreenTeamDNS vs Dyn vs Comodo Secure DNS vs Norton ConnectSafe vs Xerocole

DNSFilterOpenDNSSafeDNSComodo Secure DNSNorton ConnectSafeStrongarmrawstreamGreenTeamDNSDynXerocole
Actualizado2018-04-06 05:48:412016-04-30 04:53:392018-11-12 12:01:112016-05-01 21:40:232016-05-01 21:40:232016-09-16 18:33:512016-08-26 07:39:052016-10-22 04:13:192017-04-25 20:44:172016-10-22 04:13:19
Target MarketMSPs/WISPs/EnterpriseEnterpriseHome / Enterprise / WISPs / MSPsHomeHome & Personal use onlySMBHome, SMBNo longer in service.Enterprise/MSPsShut down.
EstadísticasNoNo- Requests to blackholed domainsNoNo
Customized Policies Limited per plan tierNo- Only 3 Pre-defined.- Can add policies with domainsNoNo Limited Options
Support for NAT NetworksNoNo By communicating with malware.NoNoNo
Customized Block PageNoNoNoNoNo
Offers Anycast NetworkNoNoNo
Global POPs3125132118
HeadquarteredMyrtle Beach, SC, USASan Francisco, CA, USAAlexandria, VALouisville, KYMountain View, CA, USABoston, MA, USALondon, EnglandTel Aviv-Yafo, IsraelManchester, NH, USACambridge, MA, USA
Content FilteringNoNoNo
Threat Protection
Pricing ModelMetered usage, per user, per studentPer user / per Access PointPer User / Per Access PointFreeFree - Home & PersonalPer SeatPer user
Cost for 10M Queries/moFreeFree - Home & Personal$3/Seat$4/mo?
Cost for 10 Users/mo$5/mo /w 1M DNS requests per month$380/yr$150/yrFreeFree - Home & Personal$30/mo$40/mo?
Free Trial?----
Free Trial Period14 Days15 DaysNAHome & Personal use onlyFree for home users. Professional trial runs until the first infection is caught.15-days?
NotasSSL cert expired in 2014. May be out of business.Back up and running after being bought by OracleShut down.
Compare DNSFilter vs OpenDNS vs SafeDNS vs GreenTeamDNS vs Dyn vs Comodo Secure DNS vs Norton ConnectSafe vs Xerocole
Internet Access
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User reviews and comments

  • Mike Schroll on 2016-10-21 19:24:19
    suggested on Dyn to set Nombre to Dyn Internet Guide

    Shutting down

  • Ian Renfrew on 2013-03-27 13:11:20
    liked Dyn

    excellent service and price

  • Ash Lomas on 2012-11-20 13:20:59
    liked Dyn

    Great deliverability experts not just an SMTP sender. Also has a seed listing service similar to Return Path and included for free with an account.

  • mjsmitty1383 on 2012-01-17 02:04:17
    liked Dyn

    These guys are great, I highly recommend them