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Compare mymicroinvest contre Crowdcube contre WiSEED contre Venture Bonsai contre Cofundit contre Anaxago

Launch date2012-01-01 2011-01-01 (UK)2011-11-01 (BE)2012-12-11 2010-01-01 (FR)
Nb of investors10811,2004,800
Average invest€ 8,000€ 900€ 750
Nb of startups financed1214
Minimum invest per transaction€ 5,000£ 10€ 100€ 5€ 100
Traffic per day1,9321,100800
DescriptionAnaxago is bringing together innovative and value added companies looking for funding with investors willing to take an active part in their development. The business angel spirit from 5000€.Crowdcube (U.K. only), which will allow funders to purchase equity in startups, although they need to be friends and familyFrance-only - HelloAsso is a free crowdfunding platform for non-profits. There are no fees or commission, and it offers all the common tools of crowdfunding platforms.Spreds is an investment platform where people can invest alongside professionals in European startups and SMEs. They can invest from € 100 under the same financial conditions. Individuals and investment professionals combine their knowledge and investment capacity to achieve success.We Bank You is the first participatory site including material or financial counterparties. Support artists producing an album or a show, artisans who want to create their business or cultural project. You will enjoy exclusive counterparties or a financial return following projects ! ///////////////// We Bank You est le premier site participatif incluant des contreparties matérielles ou financières. Soutenez des artistes produisant un album ou un spectacle, des artisans souhaitant créer leur entreprise ou un projet culturel. Vous profiterez de contreparties exclusives ou un retour financier suivant les projets !Investment in startups from 100€ (Equity)
Terms5 to 8 years+/- 5 years5 to 8 years before exit
Type of StartupEarly stage innovative companies.Entrepreneurs and small businessesAll SMEsYoug innovative startups
Registration FeeNo fee£2500€No feeNo fee. GratuitNo fee
Financing rangingFrom 300K€ to 2,5M€From 30K£ to 200K£75K€ to no upper limit because regulated prospectusFrom 5€ to +1 million €100K€
Fee paid by investor3 % of their investment + management fee after 3 years5 % of funding0 €2 % per year3 % for Paypal transaction fee5 % of funding + transaction fee
Fee paid by Startup5%5% fee (+legal fees of £1750)0€3k for non regulated to 6k for regulated transactions EUR (prospectus and legal fees)5% of funding10% of amount raised
Compare mymicroinvest contre Crowdcube contre WiSEED contre Venture Bonsai contre Cofundit contre Anaxago
2023-01-26 15:26:27
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  • Levi on 2021-10-24 15:28:14

    Gran sitio web que tienes aquí. Es difícil encontrar una escritura excelente como la suya hoy en día. ¡Honestamente aprecio a las personas como tú! ¡Cuídate! Crowdfunding españa