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M-commerce vs E-commerce

Although both are very different in their way of approach both aim at the same goals. To understand the difference between both, have a look at the following table.
ConnectivityAccess of the internet is necessary for carrying out e-commerce trade. E-commerce connectivity is low and smaller in size.Due to the larger number of mobile users, we have large connective networks available. Mobile connections are easier than compared to large big systems.
MobilityE-commerce activities are conducted with the help of desktop computers or laptops. Therefore users have to look for a place to do their transactions. E-commerce trade is limited to a source to carry out its process.M-commerce implies the use of mobile devices, therefore people can do their business transactions anywhere. Less limited, because of their small weight & size they are easy to carry.
ReachabilityDue to bounded with system, electricity, and internet it is limited to certain places.Due to easy portability, mobile commerce reach is wider than e-commerce.
Location TrackingDue to the non-portability of devices location tracking capabilities of e-commerce is very much limited.M-commerce, on the other hand, using the features like GPS, WiFi and so on can track your exact location.
SecurityE-commerce makes its payments using the credit cards which often stops customers ending up their transactions.Mobile commerce is more secure than e-commerce because of authentication details available on mobile devices.
EaseShopping on the laptops takes a little extra time in the purchasing process.On the other hand with a few couples clicks purchases through mobile commerce is quick.
UsageBecause of a more complicated user interface and its functions e-commerce usage is less simple.M-commerce is more simple in use because all of its functions are simplified.
ConvenienceE-commerce is more restricted to the place and system for doing any transaction.M-commerce is more convenient as you can do your transactions at any time and place.
CostCreation of web store and the use of the internet is not that costly.Creation of mobile apps and the use of cellular data is a bit costly. But now even that issue is resolved.
Platform UsedActivities are conducted at web stores only.Web stores, web apps, mobile version, hybrid apps, native app.
CustomizationDue to the broader area use of customization for each user is not possible.Mobile devices, on the other hand, are owned by individuals. It is easy to customize apps as per the users business needs.
Compare E-commerce vs M-commerce
2019-03-19 10:25:27
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