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RaspberryPi vs Banana Pi vs CHIP vs Arduino Uno vs Adafruit Metro size comparison


Compare Raspberry Pi 3 vs Banana Pi vs CHIP vs Arduino Uno rev. 3 vs Adafruit Metro vs ODroid-C2 vs Asus Tinker Board

Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi ZeroRaspberry Pi Zero WOrange Pi ZeroAsus Tinker BoardOrange PI 3Orange Pi Plus 2Orange Pi PlusODROID-C2ODROID-C1CHIPPine A64Pine A64+Banana PiArduino Uno rev. 3Adafruit Metro
Altura56.5 mm30 mm30 mm48 mm56.5 mm93.5 mm67 mm60 mm56 mm56 mm40 mm79 mm79 mm60 mm53.3 mm55 mm
Ancho85.6 mm65 mm65 mm46 mm85.6 mm60 mm108 mm108 mm85 mm85 mm60 mm127 mm127 mm92 mm68.6 mm68.9 mm
Peso45 g9 g9 g26 g55 g75 g83 g50 g40 g40 g46 g46 g48 g25 g16.5 g
Precio$ 35$ 5$ 10$ 10$ 69$ 35$ 49$ 49$ 46$ 37.95$ 9$ 15$ 19$ 19.5
Detalles técnicos
CPU1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv81 GHz Low Power ARM1176JZ-F1 GHz Low Power ARM1176JZ-F1.2 GHz Quad Core ARM A7 (Allwinner H2+)1.8GHz Quad core ARM Cortex-A17 32bitAllwinner H6 SoC quad-core 64bit 1.8Ghz1.6 GHz H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K1.6 GHz H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K1.5GHz Quad Core Cortex-A53 64 Bit ARMv81.5 GHz Amlogic S805, Cortex-A5 quad-core1 GHz Allwinner A13 Compatible SoC1.2GHz ARM A53 64-bit quad-core1.2GHz ARM A53 64-bit quad-core1 GHz ARM Cortex-A7 dual-core16MHz ATmega328P
GPUBroadcom VideoCore IV @ 300 MHzDual Core VideoCore IV® Multimedia Co-ProcessorDual Core VideoCore IV® Multimedia Co-ProcessorMali400MP2 GPU @600MHzARM Mali T764 @ 600 MHzMali T720Mali-400 MP2Mali-400 MP2Mali-450 MP3 @ 750 MHzARM Mali 450 MP2 GPUARM Mali-400ARM Mali-400 MP2ARM Mali-400 MP2ARM Mali-400 MP2 GPU dual-core
RAM1 GB DDR2512 MB512 MB256 MB / 512MB2 GB dual channel LPDDR32 GB - 1 GB2 GB1 GB2 GB1 GB (DDR3)512 MB (DDR3)512 MB1 GB (option 2 GB)1 GB2 KB
Onboard storage8 GB EMMC (optional)16 GB EMMC Flash8 ~ 64GB optional4 GB EMMC
Ethernet (LAN, RJ45) 10/100- via USBNo 10/100 10/100/1000 10/100/1000 Realtek RTL8211E, 10/100/1000 Mbps Realtek RTL8211E, 10/100/1000 Mbps 10/100/1000 10/100/1000No 10/100 10/100/1000 10/100/1000No
USB 4x USB2.0 1x micro OTG 1x micro OTG 1 + OTG 4x USB2.0 4x USB3.0 + 1x USB2.0 + mirco OTG 4 + OTG 4 + OTG 4x USB2.0 + micro OTG 4x USB2.0 + OTG 1x USB2.0 + micro OTG 2x USB2.0 2 2x USB2.0 + micro OTG
SATA PortsNoNoNoNoNoNo 1xSATA 2.0NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
HDMI port full HDMI mini HDMI mini HDMINo full size HDMI 1.4 2.0a 1 1 2.0 micro- via adapterNoNo
Wi-Fi 802.11nNo 802.11n 802.11n 802.11n 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/nNoNo 802.11 b/g/n--NoNo
Bluetooth® 4.1 BLENo 4.1 BLENo 4.0 5.0NoNoNo- USB dongle ($9.95) 4.0--NoNo
RTC- optionalNoNoNoNoNo- optionalNo
Fecha de lanzamiento2016-02-29 2015-11-30 2017-02-28 2016-11-03 2017-04-01 201920162014-12-01 2016201620162014-03-01
Compare Raspberry Pi 3 vs Banana Pi vs CHIP vs Arduino Uno rev. 3 vs Adafruit Metro vs ODroid-C2 vs Asus Tinker Board
2024-01-22 15:57:32
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User reviews and comments

  • art hur on 2018-07-06 15:50:57
    suggested on Banana Pi to set Nombre to Banana Pi M1+
  • art hur on 2018-07-06 15:50:38
    suggested on Banana Pi to set Nombre to Banana Pi M1+
  • Alexis on 2017-01-27 10:40:09

    @Cyrille Vinel
    Merci, c'est corrigé.
    N'hésitez pas à éditer le tableau si vous apercevez d'autres oublis ou erreurs ou si vous avez des informations à ajouter.

  • Cyrille Vinel on 2017-01-27 09:36:01

    Bonjour, Il faudrait corriger le tableau pour C.H.I.P. Il y a aussi 4 Go EMMC pour le système embarqué Linux merci

  • Cyrille Vinel on 2017-01-27 09:33:24

    Bonjour pour C.H.I.P. Il y a 4 Go de stockage pour le système Linux inclus il faudrait corriger le tableau SVP

  • zaphor on 2015-06-05 06:02:25
    commented on Orange Pi Plus

    Very impressive Specs, however; I have one an it has Android phone OS. Can not get it to operated on a Linux based OS from their website and you have to use a HDMI TV. Thats right a TV not a Monitor. EMMC is a farce since they do not know how to flash it. Nice Specs however.