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Sitio webAccess typeSecure channelPublic visibilityDeveloper APIPluginValidity periodEmail domainsNotasRandom e-mail addressChoose custom email addressEmail address requiredUse your own domain nameMessage size limitRSS channel to be informed when a new message arrivesstore life messages receivedHas SSL?
10 Minute mail10minutemail.comconsult on the websiteNo Opera extension and "Bloody Vikings" firefox add-on10 min. (extensible)prtnx.comCreate throwaway email addresses on the fly that last for ten minutes before they expire.No
TempGmailtempgmail.coconsult on the website
20MinuteMail20minutemail.comwebsite consultation and email forward20minutemail.comNo
33Mail33mail.comforward to an actual emailNo Bookmarklet, Chrome Extensionuntil disabled by a
use your own domain
Aliases are permanent unless you delete them. You can reply to emails sent through 33mail and your reply will be anonymized.- for money
34nm34nm.comforward to an actual email SSL/SPDY/STARTTLSNo Bookmarklet, Chrome ExtensionStop receiving after 10 minute but the Email address can be use MBNoNo storage
AHEM - Ad Hoc Emailahem.emailconsult on the website SSL,HTTPS,TLS,STARTTLS,, mail.ahem.emailAHEM is a free Ad-Hoc disposable temporary EMail service. It is responsive, fast and offers a RESTFul API for QA and Development teams.No- Not yet...Will be added
Clipmailclipmail.euconsult on the websiteNoNo
Dispostabledispostable.comconsult on the websiteNo "Bloody Vikings" firefox add-on2 daysdispostable.comNo
EasyTrashMaileasytrashmail.comNo15 minutes - 1 month
email-fake.comemail-fake.commore then 200 domainNo100 years
EmailOnDeckemailondeck.comconsult on the website HTTPS, SSL, TLS, STARTTLSNoNoNoExpires at end of day.Server logs are wiped, mobile friendly, UTF8 friendlyNoNoNoNo
EmailSenseiemailsensei.comconsult on the website Firefox add-on24 hoursemailsensei.comPossibility to create an image of your email address (almost impossible to be decoded by spammers...) in order to avoid to put your email address on any web page.NoNoNo
Fake Mail Generatorfakemailgenerator.comconsult on the
GetNadagetnada.comconsult on the websiteNoNoNo24 hours6677NoNoNo
GishPuppygishpuppy.comforward to an actual emailNoNountil disabled by a
GuerrillaMailguerrillamail.comconsult on the websiteNo Chrome extension1 h. (extensible)guerrillamailblock.comNo
Harakirimailharakirimail.comconsult on the website SSL by default- iOS app can be opened with url scheme Firefox, chrome, harakirimail.seBlog: More info: You can add your own, if you contact site owner500 Kb
Haribuharibu.netconsult on the websiteNoharibu.netNoNoNo
Hot Temp Mailhottempmail.comconsult on the websiteNoNoNo1 day then automatically edudigy.ccAny person who wants to get hands on a temporary email address, regardless of the specific reason can think about using Hot Temp Mail. The temporary email address that you can get out of Hot Temp Mail will be able to act similar to a real email address. However, you will only be able to use it for a short time period, where you can get your requirement catered.---1 day
IncognitoMailincognitomail.com60 minutesincognitomail.orgNo
Jetable.orgforward to an actual emailNo Firefox1 h. / 1 day / 1 week / 1
Lazy Inboxlazyinbox.comconsult on the website Firefox24 Hourslazyinbox.comLazyInbox features a mobile version alsoNo
Mail For Spammailforspam.comNo "Bloody Vikings" firefox
Mail-Temporairemail-temporaire.frforward to an actual emailNoNo15 min. - 1
Mail7.iomail7.ioconsult on the website1. Public Domain: 2. Private Domain also available.No Email not required when use the public inbox.
MailCatch.commailcatch.comwebsite consultation and email forwardNo Firefox, Google Gadget and "Bloody Vikings" firefox add-on and "SpamControl" Firefox add-onWebsite validity is undefined ("a few hours to a few days depending on the traffic")
For premium account ($2/month): email forwarding: 30 min - 1 month
mailHazard.commailHazard.comconsult on the website Accessible en https / protection par mot de passe possibleNoValidité de 7 jours
Mailinatormailinator.comconsult on the websiteNo "Bloody Vikings" firefox
Mailnesiamailnesia.comconsult on the
The name of mailboxes (and aliases) cannot be longer than 30 characters, and can only contain letters [a-z], numbers [0-9], dash, dot, underscore and plus [-._+].No500 kb
Mailsacmailsac.comforward to an actual email HTTPS, STARTTLS Public by default, can make messages and inboxes private Full featured JSON REST API, Webhooks, Web Sockets10 messages per inbox, unless you save messages to your Your own custom domainResponsive, fast mobile website. Full API. Create an account to get add-on features like saving messages, sending / replying, and private email addresses. accepts any Unicode email address 25 characters or less- Email not required 1 step domain setup20 MB JSON and RSS feedsWithout account - 10 messages per inbox. With an account, store messages indefinitely.
Mailshivmailshiv.comconsult on the website SSLNo7 days4 domainesNoNoNo7 days
Mailtempmailtemp.netconsult on the websiteNoNo1 daymailtemp.netNo
MeltMailmeltmail.comforward to an actual emailNo3 hours - 24 hoursMeltMail provides a mobile version (iphone, android) is a no-click disposable email system. By simply visiting this site, you will be assigned a temporary email address.
Mohmalmohmal.comconsult on the websiteNo45 minNo
MyTempEmailmytempemail.com1 hour - 4 weeksmytempemail.comyou can reply to email received.
MyTrashMailmytrashmail.comconsult on the website
NoSpammers.comno-spammers.comwebsite consultation and email forwardFrom 10 minutes to 3 days (extensible) antispam.partyPlanning to incorporate additional e-mail sending service- Only if creating forwardingAnything is wipped out once mailbox has expired
Randomailrandomail.netforward to an actual email-Until disabled by, customyou can reply to email received.-
SpamBoxspambox.usforward to an actual
SpamFree24spamfree24.orgspamfree24.orgNo "SpamControl" Firefox
SpamSpotspamspot.comconsult on the websitespamspot.comNo
temp-email.infotemp-email.infoconsult on the website-30 days10+ domains to choose, checkDownload the mobile app for easier access visit here: days
TempEMailtempemail.netNoAll email addresses expire after 14 days.TempEMail.netNo
TempMailtemp-mail.orgconsult on the Firefox add-on
TempSkytempsky.com15 minutestempsky.comNo
ThrowAwayMail.comthrowawaymail.comconsult on the websiteNo48Hthrowam.comNoNoNo "Bloody Vikings" firefox
TrashMail.nettrashmail.netforward to an actual emailNo Firefox add-on1 day - 1 month (1-10 emails)
2 months - 6 months (1-unlimited emails) (premium account)
Can enable captcha protection for sender
Trashmail.wstrashmail.wsconsult on the websiteNo24Htrashmail.wsNoNo on the websiteNo Firefox / Opera / Chrome and "Bloody Vikings" firefox (change every 3 months)
No8 days
Mail-Jetablemail-jetable.comconsult on the websiteLifetime email
Completely free toolsNoNoNo2 days
2023-10-10 07:42:36
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User reviews and comments

  • Henry on 2020-08-07 00:51:13
    commented on GishPuppy

    Gishpuppy seems to be dead. The login page throws error messages and the admin email address bounces.

  • DaveSoodonims on 2017-10-03 15:47:59
    commented on SoodoNims

    There is no information associated with I am involved in the site and would be pleased to add some if you wish. I hope people will take a look at it. It works well and effectively

  • pcpilot on 2016-10-26 17:40:00
    commented on

    Unfortunately, Jetable allow spammers to use their service and, seemingly, do nothing to stop them, even when informed. Jetable provide only two email addresses to contact them and both bounce-back. My advice is to steer clear, unless you are a spammer, of course....

  • aghilesan on 2015-01-30 13:41:02
    commented on Fake Mail Generator

    try this: work with facebook and more speedy! many new functions

  • xpzx0k on 2013-06-10 02:20:24
    commented on Harakirimail

    Very nice service!

  • Ghastly on 2013-06-05 05:36:08
    suggested on Mailsac to set Nombre to Mailsac

    the S is not capitalized

  • Jeff Parrish on 2013-05-12 23:51:02
    commented on Mailsac

    Mailsac is fast. Optimized for mobile devices.