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What is the best standard format for Next Edge challenge/opportunity profiles?

Please review, add your own option, and/or vote (voting buttons are at the bottom of each column) for the three profile formats that you like best!
Option 1Option 2Option 3Option 3Option 5Option 6Option 7Option 8Option 9Option 10Story
TitleEmergent Cities FormatOpenworld Format
Shrupti Shah's FormatSocial Impacts Format
CoCreatr Format
Oya Demirli's Format
Next Edge Gazetteer Format
Good Capital Format
ABCDayton Format
Public Sphere Format
Story Format
Format1. Who else has bought into this project?

2. Why are you doing this project? How does it connect to your personal story?

3. Who are you?

4. What have you achieved yet?

5. What's the key obstacle right now - what do you need?

6. How are you working? (Open/closed, hierarchical/flat, etc.)

7. What are some projects similar to this one?

1. What's your attractor? (one-liner)

2. What challenge or tension is prompting your initiative?

3. What opportunity exists to transcend the tension?

4. What is your strategy or path to realize this opportunity?

5. What tests can confirm the path?

6. What decision do you want us to take next?

[fuller version]

What is the track record of the initiators?

Who are confirmed and potential allies?

What are likely sources of resistance?

What are related examples?

- Past

- Current

- Future (link to related prediction wagers)

1. What do you seek to do?

2. Who do you seek to do it with and where?

3. What are the key differentiators of your model and what are the results/ early indicators?

4. What is the context within which your model works?

5. What does it rely on and what is it vulnerable to?

1. What are the Benefits? (subjective value created for individuals)

2. What are the Outcomes? (measurable changes in the status of the target group - "social impacts")

3. What are the Outputs? (products that influence outcomes)

4. What are the Processes? (the workflow and rules that organize people, equipment and resources in creating outputs)

5. What are the Inputs? (raw materials, funding, people, tools etc)

6. What are the Intentions? (the reasons people feel moved to take action - again this level is not measurable except by each individual affected )
1. What are the topics of interest?

2. What is the abstract or overview?

3. What are the values and vision?

4. What is the relative relevance?

5. What to do next?

1. What are the Goals?

2. What are the Objectives?

3. What are the Outputs?

4. What are the Outcomes?

5. What are the Multipliers?

1. What is the organization doing it?

2. Who runs it? How do we contact you?

3. What do you do?

4. What are your near term goals?

5. What help are you willing to offer allied Next Edge projects?

6. What do you need from other Next Edge projects?

7. Are you a profit making enterprise or a non-profit charity / amateur network?

8. Is government part of the solution? Or part of the problem?

9. Is capitalism part of the solution? Or part of the problem?

10. Are the super-wealthy (billionaires, oligarchs) part of the solution? Or part of the problem?

11. Are you expecting global climate change? How are you planning for it?

12. Are you expecting a near-term energy crunch (peak oil etc.)? How are you planning for it?

13. Are you expecting a near-term economic crash (collapse of the dollar etc.)? How are you planning for it?

[additional] Evaluations from editors:

- Does this organisation seem to be active in the last year?

- Has this organisation impressed you by its achievements in the last year?

1. Why is this important/ valuable?

2. Why is your approach the one to go with?

3. Why are you the person to do it?

1. What is the mission?

2. What will success look like?

3. What are funding & in-kind resource needs to get there? (startup and operations)

4. What are uses of proceeds?

5. What is the value proposition?

6. What is the marketspace?

7. What challenges are addressed?

8. What is the product/service offering?

9. What is the organization?

10. What are the next steps?

1. What is the problem?

2. What is the context?

3. What is the discussion?

4. What is the solution?

5. What is the summary? ["verbiage for the pattern card"]

6. What is the pattern status?

1. What is the story you want to change? 2. What is the story you want to create? 3. What is your personal story? 4. What kind of help do you need?1. Catchy Title

2. Teammates

3. Benefiting Organization

4. Goal (Money)

5. We you 'will' do

6. Description

7. End Date

8. Location
If it's a Cluster add: 1. Cluster Name

2. Cluster Goal

3. Cluster Description

4. Select which fields are optional
Suggestions to improveSuresh Fernando: ‎what about questions etc that relate to the actual substance of the project?... what it tries to accomplish and why
Creator's commentsSeb Paquet (@sebpaquet) Those interest me less. The 'why' (Q.2) is actually enough for me. And in a chaotic environment, the 'what' is usually subject to multiple pivots anyhow.Mark Frazier (@openworld)Shrupti Shah (@shrupti)Vernon WeckwerthBern Nurnberger (@cocreatr): To be swift and simple, this requires an information presentation network with high re-usability of content. And a mix of self- organizational factors, some of which can be found in a professional setting. Ask me about tools after this article.
Oya DemirliPhil JonesKevin Jones (@kevindoylejones)Mark Frazier (@abcdayton)Douglas SchulerCurtis Faith (@inflector)
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