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Reef Polling by I>Clicker

Student Response Systems
Reef Polling by I>Clicker
Sitio web
Voting technologyWeb Based/App
Student License CostFirst 14 days are free. $9.99/Term $15.99/1yr $21.99/ 2yr $31.99/4yr
2.0/5 5 Calificaciones
-- Presentation Tool Present with anything (slides, video, website, etc.). No import of content required.
-- Asynchronous Content Access- Can send session history with questions, images, and answers to student to be used as a study guide outside of class.
-- Student Performance Analytics REEF Analytics - Insight to usage across your campus, department, and classrooms
-- Advanced Question Types- Most popular features used by instructors included
Automatic attendanceNo
-- Student to Student Interaction- REEF Quizzing (beta) - Incorporate group activities and collaborative learning
2.8/5 5 Calificaciones
-- Integration with LMS Seamlessly integrate with all major LMS platforms, including Blackboard Learn, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, and Sakai. LTI available. generate Excel reports of aggregate and individual response data.
-- Campus Wide Funding-Option Campus-wide licensing available
-- Vendor Faculty Support Comprehensive online materials and dedicated support
-- Accessibility Features
-- FERPA Compliant
3.7/5 3 Calificaciones
-- Vendor Student Support Online support portal with FAQs, videos, user guides, etc.
-- Game InteractionNo
-- Multiple Device Compatibility Any smartphone, tablet or laptop with a Web browser. iOS app, Android app, and works alongside i>clicker + and i>clicker 2
-- Feedback to Teacher
-- Text/SMS Response- No SMS, but does have short answer up to 140 characters
ComentariosThe mobile-optimized engagement solution that works alongside traditional i>clicker remotes if needed
2019-03-12 11:07:57
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User reviews and comments

  • Cdawg on 2017-03-14 20:43:10
    rated this Del artículo: PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES RATING 1/5

    Simple question types, buggy and difficult to synch with prof's who have hardware clicker users in class as well.

  • iclicker on 2015-10-05 15:34:12
    rated this Del artículo: STUDENT FEATURES RATING 5/5

    Accessing session history as a study guide outside of class is beneficial.

  • iclicker on 2015-10-05 15:28:14
    rated this Del artículo: ADMINISTRATIVE FEATURES RATING 5/5

    REEF Analytics allows Administrators to get the data needed to support and grow REEF Education usage on your campus in a user-friendly dashboard

  • iclicker on 2015-10-05 15:12:46
    suggested to set Nombre to Reef Polling by i>clicker

    The correct branding is i>clicker, not I>Clicker.