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Compare the transactional emailing providers
Precio$ 0.2 to $0.15 per thousand, depending on volume
Free plan15,000 emails per month
Startups plan
Cancellation policyCancel any time, no contract, month-to-month
Unlimited Free Emails
SMTP support
Personalized DKIM for free (no more "on behalf of")
Clicks Details (per Link, etc.) Through webhooks real-time event reporting.
Personnalisation conditionnelle (if/else)
WYSIWYG Newsletter Editor- only with "Elite for Marketers" plan
Dedicated IP available
Event API Via Webhooks
Send email through API
Incoming Email Support
Stores Outgoing Emails for Later Viewing
Explicit/sexual content policy ?
Needs time to approve account before sending ?
Asks to create SPF and DKIM records
Multi-user Login
Prioritize emails
Plugins Node, PHP, Python & More, see
24/7 Support
Dedicated Support Team
Phone Support
Sample CustomersPinterest, Zillow, Financial Times of London, Career Builder
2019-07-23 18:33:26
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User reviews and comments

  • Paul on 2016-03-25 21:29:58

    AVOID SPARKPOST SparkPost is a new Scammer in the place of Email Marketing. They canceled our account only 48 hours after payment claiming that our complaint rate was too high. Out of 27.000 emails sent, we had 150 bounces = 0.5% which is a very low bounce rate in any given industry. (we have made a screenshot showing these data). The way they communicate with us is like a Police Investigation, or even worst since they assume clearly that you are guilty! On Top of this, You can see on the Home Page of their website that they use very poor Marketing Pratices : Welcome Mandrill Customers! Here’s your migration guide. They want to take over the customers of Mandrill, their main competitor, with agressive Marketing. Don't be fooled by their low prices, there is NO service behind, and they use scammer practices

  • Chris McFadden on 2016-01-08 15:34:06
    like this

    really easy to use

  • Rob Pearl on 2015-12-29 23:29:34

    great but they dont mention your DAILY LIMITS even on a paid plan

  • Gagan on 2015-12-10 19:29:49

    I bought sparkpost and they have some problem working with interspire which i got to know later. I asked them to give me time to fix things as i use interspire and you are the only one who need a patch to be added. Neither they refunded and keep billing me for no use. and nor they replied to my request. Handle with care.