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Ven (Hub Culture)

Ven is a virtual currency used by members of Hub Culture to buy, share and trade knowledge, goods and services on a global basis. The currency is currently linked to a highly diversified basket of currencies, commodities and carbon futures and trades against other major currencies at floating exchange rates.
Alternative currencies, monetary systems
Ven (Hub Culture)
Sitio webVEN.VC
Status of the projectHub Culture is a network of over 20,000 professionals, executives and entrepreneurs who are motivated for positive social and economic change. Hub Culture is a network with primary bases in the world's big urban hubs, including London, New York and San Francisco, Geneva, Bermuda, Singapore and Hong Kong. Hub has over 60 representatives in major cities around the world.
Peer-to-peer topology
Single central authority
Uses cryptography SMART authentication
LicensePrivate social currency
Founder(s)Stan Stalnaker
OrigineHong Kong, China
HistoryVen first appeared as an application in Facebook on 4 July, 2007. In late 2008, the currency became tradeable to anyone with an email address, making it the first global digital currency to move from an online social network into the real world. In 2010 the currency moved to its present diversified structure, making it the first environmentally backed currency. Ven was the first virtual currency to develop linked derivatives, funds, commodity trades, and micro-finance projects through the development of Hub Culture managed virtual currency products -
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