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2020-01-06 07:28:23

CloudFabrix Software, Inc. a leading AIOps software company with its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Its flagship cfxDimensions is an enterprise grade platform that is purpose built to enable IT transformation and to address comprehensive digital IT planning and operations needs.

This platform uses the power of Advanced Analytics, AI, Machine Learning and Automation to build, plan, operate and optimise hybrid IT assets, applications and services. CloudFabrix has successfully enabled Fortune 500 companies to achieve the following outcomes:

- Increase IT Operations Productivity by efficiently handling ever-increasing IT operational data and alerts from multiple monitoring tools

- Modern Incident Management by being able to rapidly diagnose and resolve IT problems and incidents, and by being able to predict problems before they happen.

- Proactively monitor anomalies, noticeable changes or abnormal usage patterns across full-stack of key assets/applications

- Reduce IT Costs through the identification of unused resources, eliminating risky assets and moving to consumption models

- IT Infrastructure Refresh & Rollout with the help of end-to-end 360-degree asset visibility and intelligence

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