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Compare Operating systems Android vs FreeBsd vs Linux vs Macos vs Windows vs Ubuntu


Compare Android vs FreeBsd vs Linux vs MACOS vs Windows vs Ubuntu

Computer Architectures supportedGui default is onTarget system typeFile systems supportedUser friendly for lay usersIntegrated firewallEncrypted file systemsSecurity threatsShell terminalKernel type
AndroidARMv7,ARMv8-A,x86,ARMv5TEOuiMobile devices,handheld devicesNTFS,exFAt,FAT32Oui very very user friendlyAndroid Firewall-yesTerminal EmulatorLinux kernel
FreeBsdx86, x86-64, PC98, SPARC, othersNonServer, workstation, NAS, embeddedUFS2, ext2, ext3, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, NFS, ReiserFS (read only), XFS (experimental), ZFS, othersNonIPFW2, IPFilter, PFOuinegligibleBashMonolithic with modules
Linuxx86, x86-64, PowerPC, SPARC, Alpha, others- depends on distributionDesktop/Server Depends on distributionext2, ext3, ext4, ReiserFS, FAT, ISO 9660, UDF, NFS, and others- depends on distributionchroot, capability-based security,[s 5] seccomp, SELinuxOuinegligibleBash shell powerful shell with alot of featuresMonolithic with modules
MACOS68k, PowerPCOuiWorkstation, personal computerHFS+, HFS, MFS (Mac OS 8.0 and before), AFP, ISO 9660, FAT(System 7 and later), UDFOuiApplication FirewallOuinegligibleBASHMonolithic with modules
Windowsx86, x86-64OuiWorkstation, personal computer, media center, Tablet PC, embeddedNTFS, FAT exFAT ISO 9660, UDF; 3rd-party drivers support ext2, ext3, ReiserFS,[t 10] HFS+, FATX, and HFS (with third party driver)Oui very user friendlyWindows FirewallOuiHugeCMDHybrid
Ubuntux86,AMD64,ARM64,S390XOuiDesktops,Tablets,Education system,WorkstationXFS,JFS,FAT16,FAT32,FAT16,NTFS,EXT2,EXT3Ouichroot, capability-based security,[s 5] seccomp, SELinuxOuiMaybeTerminalMonolithic with modules
Compare Android vs FreeBsd vs Linux vs MACOS vs Windows vs Ubuntu
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  • Alex Povolotski le 1 fév. 2013 17:00:28
    a voté pour Android (Vote)

    Better than BB for sure. Win 7 will be second best with their live tiles thingy.