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2022-01-28 06:24:00
UX design is like city planning. No one takes notice when it is done right. But one mishap, and it spoils everything else. When the user experience is successful, you can’t even tell there is a user experience. It simplifies navigation and the intuitiveness simply delights. In a nutshell, user delight comprises of 3 crucial factors – face, feel, functionality. The face or the look of the website decides the credibility attributed to it. The feel includes the user interaction and the app reaction. Functionality leans heavily on intuitiveness.


Understanding User Requirements

Driving a website based on aesthetic appeal can never go wrong. However, this appeal should not be bracketed to you. You have to understand the needs of your TA and the kinds of design and feel that are currently working well with that demographic. Then base your designs on that. Conversion rates can improve only when the website reflects the needs of those who are redirected there. And of course, the brand identity should not be lost while trying to do that. The way to go is to build data backed user personas and develop a design around that understanding.

Retain Functionality

It is important not to overlook the essential functionalities and repurpose the entire website just for aesthetic appeal, This borders on redesigning just for the sake of it. Always start with functionality and then move on to the decoration. Analytics backed decisions about the content and navigation features can help. Understand the core purpose of the site, have an in-depth understanding of the kind of demographics being directed to your site and fashion functionality and feel around these aspects.
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