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Launch your private beta: Publish and make a viral landing page, get your early adopters for your startup...


When you are a startup, it is usual to launch a private beta and have a launching soon page trying to make a buzz and get viral signups.

While we were preparing the landing page of I have discovered these useful web applications that help startups to find their early adopters.

A second step could be to submit your startup to the following blogs and directories: list-of-blogs-or-directories-that-review-startups-web-applications-web-2-0

  • Free plan: 1 landing page + unlimited customer signups
  • Plus Plan 15$/month: 1 landing page + unlimited customer signups
  • Premium Plan 20$/month : 5 landing pages + unlimited customer signups + 10 newsletters/month
  • Max Plan 50$/month : 25 landing pages + unlimited customer signups + 100 newsletters / month
  • Free plan: 50 Invitations
  • Tin Plan : 19$/month 200 Invitations + Feedback widget
  • Bronze Plan : 49$/month 500 Invitations + Feedback widget + Viral invites
  • SilverPlan : 99$/month 2000 Invitations + Feedback widget + Viral invites + Tester Analytics + SSL security
  • Gold Plan: 225$/month 5000 Invitations + Feedback widget + Viral invites + Tester Analytics + SSL security
Landing PageOui Between 1 and 25OuiOui
Design a landing pageOuiNon
Custom Colors & CSSOuiOui
HTML form builderNonNonOui to customize your invitation form
Customer SignupsUnlimitedunlimited
Create generic invitation codesNonNonOui
Viral Invite SystemOuiOui
Newsletters per month10000
Edit SEO (configure meta tags)OuiNonNon
Custom Headers & Scripts add 3rd party servicesOuiNonNon
Analytics dashboardOui Influencer & demographic customer insightsOuiOui
Google Analytics integrationOuiNonNon
Feedback WidgetNonNonOui
Invite-a-Friend WidgetOui Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plusOui Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, and more.
Custom Domain(s) use your own url(s)OuiOui
White Label solutionOui for all paying plansNonOui for silver and gold plans
Edit Social Sharing tweet text and open graphOuiNon
AutorespondersOui thank you & influencer mailsNon
Email notificationsOui daily or weeklyNonNon
Import and Export customer dataOuiNonOui Export into CSV (Comma Separated Values) file or to an XML file. Prefinery also offers a direct export to various CRM and E-mail marketing services, such as Highrise by 37signals, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp.
SSL SecurityNonNonOui
Desktop Software LaunchNonNonOui between 50 MB Storage and 2 GB Storage
Pre-qualified testersNonNonOui
Customer Support
Assistance par emailOuiOui
Assistance téléphoniqueOuiNonNon
Livechat supportOuiOuiNon
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  • JoshLedgard le 21 oct. 2011 14:42:33

    Also - There is no longer any signup restriction for free accounts. You can have unlimited signups on ALL KickoffLabs accounts. Thanks, Josh Ledgard Founder - KickoffLabs

  • JoshLedgard le 21 oct. 2011 14:40:30

    Thanks for the comparison. I do have a correction though... KickoffLabs DOES support a viral invite system. Thanks! Josh Ledgard Founder - KickoffLabs