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2020-05-05 12:01:37
Compare Collaboration & Task Management applications - Basecamp vs Kanban Tool vs Google Tasks vs Trello.com
AsanaBasecampGoogle TasksKanban ToolNutcacheSprintGroundTrelloWrike
J'aime 4 4 2 0 4 1 5 21
Mis à jour2020-05-05 12:01:372017-07-14 10:08:222014-07-11 12:16:182014-07-15 11:23:292016-03-09 15:54:372017-04-15 04:16:222017-03-29 16:49:242018-09-06 05:26:27
Site webhttps://asana.comhttp://basecamphq.com/http://mail.google.com/mail/help/tasks/http://kanbantool.comhttp://www.nutcache.comhttp://www.sprintground.comhttp://wrike.com
Solution hébergéeOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Solution à installerNonNonNonOui Self hosted installation availableNonNonNon-
Tarif de base hébergement / an9.99 USD per user per month, billed annually588 USD60 USD per user5 USD / user / month288 EUR (free version available)588 USD per year (free version available)
Offre gratuiteOui Unlimited tasks, projects and conversations; up to 15 team members; basic dashboards and basic searches.Oui 1 project, 2 Writeboards, 10 MB file storageOuiOui 2 users, 2 boardsOui 2 users includedOui 3 users, 2 projectsOuiOui 5 users, unlimited collaborators
CalendrierOui Tasks with Due date set are placed on calendar available as iCal feedOuiOui- Synchronize with Google Calendar, Outlook or any other iCal compatible calendarOui per resource, per projectNonNonOui
Export dataOui HTML, XMLOui CSV, Excel, XMLOui Multiple formatsOui Export/import folders and tasks as Excel spreadsheets
Import dataOuiOuiOui from CSV, ExcelNonOui
Personnalisation de l'apparence- logoOui workflow customization + JavaScript & CSSOuiOui On peut personnaliser ses tableaux avec un code couleur mais surtout ses cartes avec des pièces jointes, photos, lien vidéo, note, checklist, rappel,...Oui Can add widgets to the Dashboard, can set folder color
Compatible SSLOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Email notificationsOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui Full email integration: create tasks from emails: http://www.wrike.com/help/smart-email-integration/
Email integration- You can Create tasks, comment, assign and complete tasks via e-mail.OuiOuiOuiOui Full email integration + Outlook add-in, Mac Mail add-in, Gmail plug-in
Version mobileOuiOuiOuiOui time trackingOui iOS, Android
Developer APIOuiNonOuiOuiOui
Custom fieldsup to 10 custom fieldsAvailable in Enterprise subscription
Sous-tâchesNonNonOuiOuiOui 2 levelsOui
Single Sign-On SupportOuiNonOui
LDAP SupportOuiNonNonNon
Advance item manipulation(copy, dupl etc.)Oui- Via 3rd party browser extensionsOui
Drag & DropOuiNonOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
ShortcutsOui Almost all features are Keyboard-accessibleOuiOuiOuiOui
Document editingOui via Google DocsNonNonNonNonOui
Task typesOui Task types differentiated by card colorsOuiOui Feature, Enhancement, Fix, OtherOui
Custom card templatesOui Choose fields you needNon
Multiple users/team
Tasks delegationOuiOuiNonOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Project management
Time tracking / Timesheets- In paid versionsNonOuiOuiOuiNonOui
Automatic Tracking timerNonOuiOui mobileNonOui
Tasks managementOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Workflow systemOui Using SectionsNonOuiOuiOui Pre-definedOuiOui
Report generationOuiOuiOui Time reports, Cumulative Flow Diagram, Lead & Cycle Time, Breakdown chart, ChangelogOuiNonOui Workload per user
Metrics reportsOuiOuiOuiNonOui
Access rights managementOuiOuiOuiOuiOui User role basedOuiOui Folders can be shared individually among users. External collaborators can be added.
Document sharing and storageOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiNonOui Can upload files and can also use Google Docs
Assistance par emailOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Livechat supportNonOuiNonOui
FAQ/KnowledgebaseOuiOuiOuiOui FAQ and article libraryOuiOuiOui
User storiesOuiOui Use casesOuiOui
Compatible devices
Application AndroidNonOuiNonNon
iPhone SupportOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Ecran tactileOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Intégration avec des services tiers
Import dataOuiOuiOui from CSV, ExcelNonOui
We-wired webOuiOuiOuiOui
Evernote IntegrationNonNonOui
Dropbox integrationOuiOui
Box IntegrationOui- With paid external plugin.OuiOuiOui
Google Drive integrationOuiOui
Task features
TagsOuiNonOui- Called labels. Limited to 7 currently.Oui
File attachmentsOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Repeating tasksOuiNonNonNonOui
Sous-tâchesNonNonOuiOuiOui 2 levelsOui
Profil LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/shore-labshttps://www.linkedin.com/company/nutcachehttp://www.linkedin.com/company/wrike
Mac OSOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOuiOui
Multiple Team SupportOuiNonOuiOuiOuiOui
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